BestRate has agreed to support SWAPS.NETWORK

BestRate has agreed to support SWAPS.NETWORK


The main goal of the collaboration will be the mutual integration of products to improve the quality of services.

BestRate is one of the leading platforms where users can buy cryptocurrency using a bank card, through cooperation with Simplex. It provides an additional payment function.

With the help of BestRate, users of both platforms can buy bitcoins or any of the other 120+ available cryptocurrencies without an additional commission from partners with minimum KYC requirements, so the check and service are made fairly quickly.

This means that one of the possibilities is added to use fiat for conducting OTC transactions within the SWAPS.NETWORK service.

On the other hand, SWAPS.NETWORK will provide BestRate with the implementation of the developed solutions to enhance customer focus. It means, that large OTC transactions can be conducted on BestRate platform using SWAPS.NETWORK services.



SWAPS.NETWORK has been launched in April 2019 as Global OTC Stock and decentralized p2p service. It accumulates all deals in the market and connects all sellers and buyers around the world. SWAPS.NETWORK also provides fully decentralized OTC solutions. Any user can make OTC deals without 3rd party and escrow. 

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