BestRate is an aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges that offers the best exchange rates for its users. The BestRate platform allows its users to buy, sell, and exchange Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as over 80 various other digital coins, at the cheapest market rate. Users can purchase cryptocurrency using other cryptocurrency or Fiat money, at a low rate with a minimal commission.

BestRate makes the exchange process secure and easy. While there is a minimal commission that is charged by the exchanges, BestRate itself does not charge the users any fees.

The platform helps to match buyers with sellers (and vice versa) in a decentralized fashion. The cryptocurrency exchange process happens directly between buyers and sellers, without any direct involvement from BestRate.

BestRate monetizes its services through its ICO payment tool. The ICO payment tool is depicted in the form of a widget. The widget allows companies that run ICOs to accept 80+ cryptocurrencies and Fiat money in the form of payment/investment and helps to effectively distribute tokens to the engaged users.