BestRate Aggregator: New Features, New Possibilities

Lately, we’ve been actively working on BestRate Pay, a set of B2B and B2C crypto payment tools. However, we haven’t put aside our main service, the aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges.

We are constantly working on our project trying to make our service more user-friendly. We had to completely rewrite our frontend, and make significant changes to the backend to make this step forward. Recently, we have added some cool twigs and tricks to our aggregator to make transactions pass even more smoothly than before and some other are coming. Here’s what the process now looks like.

Step 1. Go to, select the currencies you want to exchange, put in the amount and click “Find the best rate” button.

Step 2. Our service will show you all the platforms that support the selected pair and the rates that they offer. The platform with the best rate will be on top and highlighted.

Over the past year, our support team has helped our users to resolve many issues. The most popular questions from our users and the answers to them are now displayed on the right.

Step 3. Once the platform is selected, put in your refund address (just in case), your wallet where the exchanged funds will go to and your email address so as to facilitate the process for our support team in case you need any help.

On top, you can see all the details of the transaction: how much you pay and how much you get, the network fee, the estimated time of arrival and the platform that you’ve selected.

Step 4. The service displays the address of the exchange platform where you need to send your funds. Copy this address and send your funds there within the allotted time that you can see on the right.

The transaction ID is now generated automatically, you can see on top of the page.

Also, in the right column, you can now see the amount of coins you send and the amount of coins you that you will receive.

That’s it. You don’t need to confirm that you’ve sent the funds or so any additional actions. Once the transaction is registered on the blockchain, the page will reload automatically. You will first see the confirmation of the transaction and then the link to check the transaction on the blockchain.

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As you can see, the new exchange flow is more convenient and user-friendly.

The same changes await our other products at BestRate Pay, which means that more end-users will finalize the payment and our clients will be able to get a better conversion with the help of our tools. Also, it makes the process of adding other exchanges much easier.

Go to our website and check to yourself!