BestRate at Blockchain Open Forum 2018: South Korea, Seoul

2018 Blockchain Open Forum was carefully hosted to create an open space for profound discussion on the issues of blockchain and cryptocurrency of today and tomorrow.

Discussions, both panel- and not-panel were extremely rich, so as rich and fruitful were the Forum and its’ participants.

We were happy to communicate with different ICOs, exchange platforms, ICO advisors, media representatives and other crypto community members and inform everybody about the major features of our project.

BestRate team members, Pavel Shterlyaev, Catherine Kuzmina and Marina Wolters were very glad to have more than 50 conversations with the most high-skilled blockchain celebrities and many of them will probably be continued!

We were especially delighted to have conversations with the projects and is a decentralized Ethereum-token exchange platform based on a smart contract. It introduces the innovative ROC (Replayed On Chain) trading mechanism that leverages the synchronized off-chain and on-chain ledgers to enable instant trading while making traders’ assets safe. is a global financial portal and internet brand composed of 28 editions in 21 languages and mobile apps for Android and iOS that provide news, analysis, streaming quotes and charts, technical data and financial tools about the global financial markets. We wish both companies an overwhelming success and can’t wait to blossom together!

We also have been interviewed by, famous Korean news source. We have told about our project, profit, which we bring to the people and also shared our view on the Blockchain industry. Thank them for the very nice talk and can’t wait to see the article. 

Our team is also planning to expand the sphere of our presence in the Asian region, which is undoubtfully one of the leading in the Blockchain Industry. With financial hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore, the perfect combination of having an established banking sector, fast-growing economies, and increasing interconnectivity. There is no reason why it can’t become the first region where real-time, cost-effective, international payments will become the norm, rather than an exception.

It was a wonderful trip to Korea and we were happy to take our part in the sponsorship of such an event. We do hope to be back!

Encounter the Future!