BestRate Connects Real Businesses with the Cryptocurrency Payments

BestRate was founded to change the way people use cryptocurrencies and to remove the barriers between users and blockchain technology.

The difficulty of conducting transactions and transfers was one of these barriers. But we managed to reduce this barrier and give people the opportunity to buy what they want using the cryptocurrency they want or get paid in a similar manner.

This October we introduced the joint project with one of the leading Blockchain conferences  – Beyond Blocks. A week later after the first conversations, the fully working Business Payout page was created. We have made some design improvements to meet their color scheme and created a special page for Dash users. From now you can easily buy tickets for the Beyond Blocks events using any cryptocurrency you want in one interface, without going to any third party exchanges. 

Our CEO Pavel Shterlyaev has been to Beyond Blocks Summit in Seoul and found it extremely useful and very professional. It’s good for making great connections and we fully recommend our users to join BeyondBlocks in Bangkok on 26-30th of November and other upcoming events.

If you want to use BestRate Business Payout to accept crypto payments in BTC, ETH, XRP, EOS or FIAT for your meetup, event or conference, you can simply signup using this page. The whole interface is customizable. Settings allow you to set up different products or services, describe your project, set images or logos, and of course choose the payment scheme you like. All payments might be exchanged to TrueUSD on the fly and sent directly to your wallet to avoid market volatility, just it was set for BeyondBlocks, or you can choose another crypto payment.

If you have any questions, just drop us a line.