BestRate Crypto Gateway

Having worked for almost a year on the crypto payment products, we have finally come to introducing the crypto payment gateway. You can now accept payment is FIAT and multiple cryptos regardless of what kind of business you run, be it an online shop or anything else.

From the technical perspective, it means that you can pass the information about the payment (the client’s ID, the sum, etc.) via API and we will process this payment and pass it back to your app. API gives you a powerful tool to implement our payment gateway anywhere in any form, while you can also create your own page using Payout and start accepting payments straightaway!

Why BestRate?

We are not the first one to offer such type of products. There are other products and other providers. However, there are some features that help our product stand out among all our competitors:

Convert all payments to ETH/EOS/TUSD at the best rate.

There is no other solution that would let you accept multiple cryptocurrencies and store all payments on a single wallet. All payments are processed within one type of blockchain: BTC to BTC, ETH to ETH.

Our crypto gateway allows processing payments in multiple currencies and converts them all into Ether, EOS or TUSD (stable coin) at the best rate. Thus, you don’t have to set up numerous wallets and you can keep all payments in a single place.

Accept FIAT and 120+ cryptos.

Our crypto gateway supports payments in USD, EUR, BTC, ETH and more than 120 different altcoins. Whichever currency your customer select, it will be converted to ETH, EOS or stable coin, like TUSD.

Control your own funds.

Most of the other solutions that are now available in the market work on a deposit principle. All payments are accumulated on the platform that is controlled by the payment provider and a client withdraws these payments to his own wallet once in a while.

However, this stands against the main idea of cryptocurrencies as the money is not under your control. The payment provider can still freeze your funds or simply take them away from you, just like any bank. Why engaging with crypto in such a case?

With our tool, no one but you has access to your funds. All payments are forwarded directly to your wallet, thus your money is absolutely safe.

What about pricing?

We have fully reworked the pricing options as well. Previously, our pricing plans implied paying a setup fee and a transactions fee. That’s the model that most of our competitors utilize as well.

However, there is a significant problem with such an approach. Small businesses find is hard to pay a huge setup fee, while transaction fees do not suit big companies.

With our new pricing model, there will only be a fixed monthly subscription with no additional fees per payment. There will be 3 plans. The smallest one will come at 9.99$ per month while the upper plan for huge businesses will cost $199 per month. We are now integrated with Stripe, so you can pay for our tool conveniently with a card.

Our new pricing model comes with the following options:

  • No transaction and setup fee
  • Accept payments in 120+ cryptos at all plans
  • The Essential plan implies using our widget only for crypto payments via placing the code to your website. The upper plans allow accepting FIAT through our partners, installing the tool via API and additional customization.
  • Also, the upper plans can be adjusted for blockchain projects to accept payments and distribute tokens automatically. You can set up ranges and bonuses for your users. Please check how it works with our current customers, like Blockchain Cuties, MyWish and Cryptorobotics.
  • Support/SLA ranges 24-72 hours on different plans.

Most of our competitors charge 1% per transaction. For huge businesses processing $20,000+ per month, our premium plan will turn out to be much more profitable.

Check the detailed pricing table on our website.

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Our payment tool comes with a free trial and you can test all the features within 7 or 14-days timeframe.

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