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At the end of last year, BestRate participated in Draper University program. Draper University is a pre-accelerator and incubator in Silicon Valley. We are proud to say that BestRate has got the 5th place out of 75 projects. As a result, BestRate was chosen to participate in a joint program with Turkish Airlines.


Tim Draper is a well-known figure across the venture capital world and named as one of the top investors of the world. He invested and promoted a number of companies, including Skype, Tesla, SpaceX, Hotmail, Baidu, Robinhood, and many others. His network of venture funds across the globe is simply astonishing. Tim is also one of the top evangelists for bitcoin and decentralization in the world.

Draper founded Draper University in 2013, and BestRate with Pavel Shterlyaev got the invitation to join in Autumn Program of 2019. This experience is very positive, the program is very diverse: top speakers from Silicon Valley, hackathons, workshops, together with psychological training and survival program by retired US commandos. It’s worth to say that Pavel was chosen as the Survival Leader of the class and got everybody back safe.

It was interesting to see how fast the targets shifted during the program. After careful review with the staff and Silicon Valley professionals, BestRate has changed a lot. Pitching competitions together with the possibility to ask for advice helped a lot to polish BestRate’s roadmap and targets. Bringing the project to one of the winners of the batch.

We want to express gratitude to Draper University for the organization of such a splendid program. Tim Draper is simply the best!


As one of the top projects at Draper University, BestRate has got the invitation to join the InvestOnBoard program powered by Turkish Airlines. From June 2020 BestRate pitch, together with other winners, will be uploaded to every jet in the Turkish Airlines fleet.

You can watch BestRate’s video here:

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