eCommerce on the Blocks or Our Story of Integration with Shopify

Not so long ago we have launched BestRate Pay, a set of tools that allow businesses and individuals accept crypto payments. These tools give their users 3 terrific benefits:

  • Possibility to accept 80+ cryptocurrencies. The crypto market evolves and we keep up with the trends supporting most popular altcoins.
  • Accept FIAT (USD, EUR, etc.). Simplify the process for non tech-savvy users. All they need to make the payment is a phone number and a bank card.
  • Regardless of the currency your clients use, receive Ether or TUSD to avoid the volatility of the crypto market  

Also, in that article we’ve discussed the projects that can make use of our technology, but we have totally forgotten to mention the B2B projects whose clients would love to do accept crypto payments. Dennis from Shopify reminded us about this gap, so now we are going to fill it.

Moreover, Dennis was so impressed by our services that he asked us to refer to him in our application.

“I would start by requesting this, you can name me as a referrer and mention that I was impressed by your services and reached out to you.”

What kind of projects BestRate will be useful to

We want to invite projects whose clients want to accept crypto payments to collaborate with us, the projects that offer services similar to Shopify:

  • eCommerce platforms
  • Platforms for creating websites and landing pages
  • Platforms for launching crypto projects and ICOs
  • Payment solutions and acquiring services that want to add a crypto payment feature

Why would my clients need such a service, you may ask. What benefits can they get from using a crypto payment gateway? The truth is that the benefits are aplenty. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Help your clients increase their profits by increasing their geographical coverage. They will be able to accept crypto payments from all over the world which will have a positive effect on their profits.
  2. The lowest market fees. Help your clients make even more profits as we charge much less than our competitors do.
  3. Diligent support. If your clients come across any issues with our services you won’t feel ashamed as we will quickly help them to resolve them.
  4. We provide our partners with full transparency. Huge platforms have a big flow of partnership requests and they have to thoroughly verify each of them in order to prevent scammers from destroying their good names, which increases verification procedure. We are ready to provide all the necessary information in order to simplify this process.

BTW, we sent a request to Shopify for several types of integration including payment gateway mentioning Dennis as a referrer, just as he asked us to. We filled in all the necessary fields and are now waiting for our request to be reviewed hoping for positive results.

Thus, BestRate will help your clients increase their profits and consequently help you make more money as well. Get a competitive advantage by integrating your services with BestRate eCommerce.

An easy way to collaborate with us

To integrate our service into your platform, just send us a request, tell us what information is needed and we will send it to you as fast as we can.

P.S. We are still waiting for response from Shopify as we sent a request on August 24th. We understand that verification on your platform takes up to 30 days. But there’s a good chance to make things easier for all the interested parties.

Hey, Shopify. Our CEO Pavel is attending Techcrunch Disrupt SF together with you, and this is a good opportunity to meet and discuss partnership options in person!