BestRate and MyWish Token Distribution Partnership

Most of the young blockchain companies face the complexity of their token distribution after the ICO is over. The process of listing on the exchange might be tough and take a long time. However, BestRate has made this process as simple as never. 

We proudly announce our partnership with For now and forever you can buy some of their WISH tokens without registering on any exchanging platform using BestRate.

This partnership gives users an opportunity to buy WISH with any of more than 80 cryptocurrency and even fiat money, with the KYC covered.


MyWish is the technology company that has developed a smart-contract constructor and made it easy for everyone to launch their own crowdsale campaign. WISH tokens can be used to pay for the smart-contract deployment and other related technical support on the MyWish platform. You can also buy this tokens if you believe in this project and would like to support the team.


If you are going to launch your own cryptocurrency related project and need a smart-contract you are always welcome at MyWish!


Use the special promo-code “bestrate” to get 20% discount for all their services!

Just enter this code after your smart-contract creation in the field to get this discount!