BestRate Pay: 6 Tools to Accept Crypto-Payments to Your Business

Our project doesn’t stand still. We constantly develop it basing on the market needs and we can confidently say that we offer the best technology to accept crypto payments.

Revolutionary technology to accept crypto payments

There are many services that allow you to accept payments in crypto, but all of them have the same flaw. They all integrate with each coin individually, which requires tons of time and efforts. This is why they usually let you accept no more than 5 or 6 cryptos, including Bitcoin and Ether.

Here at BestRate, we have chosen another path. We integrate with whole exchange platforms and services that are designed to exchange FIAT to crypto. Thus, we make it possible to accept payments in FIAT and more than 80 cryptos. Regardless of the currency your users want to pay with, our service will check the exchange rate throughout all the platforms that we support and offer the best one.

Also, with our service, the users don’t have to pass through numerous transactions to exchange their altcoins to the currency you want to accept. It takes only one step to convert currencies, users don’t have to lose money on transaction fees and eventually, more funds flow to your project.

Non-volatile crypto payments

What about volatility, you may ask? Are crypto payments still relevant when the market is so unstable?

Yes, they are, as our services allow you to accept payments not only in Ether, but also in Ether-base stable coin USDT. Thus, the market uncertainty will have no effect on your business.

Basing on this innovative technology, we have developed a set of payment tools that will work for anyone who wants to accept crypto payments. Whether you launch an ICO, run an online business or you are an individual who wants to get a crypto payment from a friend, we can offer a solution for your requirements.

Tools for ICOs

BestRate ICO payment tool


This is the tool that helps ICOs accept payments in EUR/USD and 80+ cryptos to their projects. The tool has been tested in the real conditions. More than 30 projects have already successfully installed it on their websites.

It is really easy to install. Simply set up your payment preferences, token distribution method, generate the code and place it onto your website.

Apart from easy installation, it offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Distribute your tokens manually or automatically once the payment is complete.
  • Integration with almost any type of ICO environment. Whether you have a smart contract, create a personal account for each investor with a generated ETH-wallet-address or raise funds from institutional investors manually.

Our tool allows you to customize its appearance to make it fit into your project’s color scheme. Also, if you have a strong technical team, you can enjoy flexible integration via API.

Token Listing


List your tokens after ICO on our platform for only 1 BTC. Our fees are way lower than those offered by huge exchanges.

When listed on our platform, you can sell your tokens for FIAT and 80+ cryptos.

Also, we offer marketing support. We are partners of top media platforms and we can help you promote your project through their channels.

Tools for online businesses

Donation widget


This free widget will help you accept donations for your blog or any other project in all the currencies that we support.

We don’t charge you any fees, the widget is absolutely free. You don’t have to share your revenue with Google Apps, Apple and other intermediaries anymore.

Merchant tool


BestRate merchant tool works best for online games and other crypto projects that want to accept payments in FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

  • Low fees. In fact, there are no fees from our side at the early beta stage.
  • Increased deposit limits. It may be hard for many online projects, such as games, for example, to receive huge payments as traditional financial institutions regard them as fraudulent. With our tool, you can accept payments in crypto for the sums as big as you need.



BestRate eCommerce can be the best fit for online shops, events, educational and other projects that want to accept crypto payments.

  • No fees at the beta stage.
  • Easy integration. Set up the tool in a matter of a few minutes and start accepting crypto payments.

We are planning to add integration with such popular systems, as Woocommerce, WordPress and others pretty soon.

Tools for individuals



Create your personal payout link, share it with your friends or business contragents and start receiving payments to your ETH-wallet.

The tool implies only 1% transaction fee and can be used both by businesses and individuals.


Blockchain technology has given the world a new way of accepting payments. You are no longer limited by your country borders as you can now accept payments from any place in the world. Crypto transactions have no amount limitations that are usually imposed by VISA and MasterCard, so you can accept payments as big as you need.

We offer any online project that wants to accept crypto payments to collaborate with us. Send us a request and integrate our tools into your business!

P.S. We offer 30% payouts to our affiliate partners. If you are a blogger or a blockchain marketing specialist, recommend our products to your clients and get your fair share if they get to the payment stage.