BestRate Payment Tool Goes Gaming!

We are proud to announce that we have successfully implemented the ICO Payment Tool functionality to one of the fanciest projects on the Internet – Blockchaincuties!

This game became the first one to accept more than 80 cryptocurrencies and even fiat money!

We have tested this functionality together with the Blockchaincuties team for more than two weeks and it works great. You are free to use any coin, EUR, and USD to buy your own Cutie and start the game.

Just go to the and complete a quick registration. When your wallet is created, you can make a deposit using our Payment Tool.

You are free to use any cryptocurrency you want and EUR and USD. But remember that you will need to complete a quick KYC before using fiat money for purchases. It usually takes up to 30 minutes, thanks to our partners. And still, this payments will be strongly KYC covered by all means.

We continue to work closely together with the Blockchaincuties team and you can always share your thoughts with us and report any bugs.
This implementation of our ICO Payment Tool begins the new era of the acceptance of any cryptocurrency and fiat by the innovative Blockchain-based businesses. BestRate is going to become the leading service provider with our own developed Payment Tool.

Stay tuned for our updates, because games are not the only new type of business where our Tool can give innovative advantage!