BestRate Payout: Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption That Passes You By

Cryptocurrencies give their users a possibility to make instant payments with low fees regardless of their location. But still, blockchain technologies are far from mass adoption as there are still many obstacles that prevent it from happening.

The obstacles that prevent cryptocurrencies’ mass adoption

For one, there are close to 2,000 different cryptocurrencies (according to coinmarketcap), around 100 popular coins, and you will need dozens of different wallets to be able to accept them all.

In most cases, the wallet address represents a mix of digits and numbers which makes it impossible to memorize and you have to copy-paste it every time you need it anywhere. One small mistake in the address, and the money can be lost in the network without a possibility to undo the transaction.

Also, if your vis-a-vis wants to receive the currency that is different form the one that you possess, you will need to make a lot more transactions to make an exchange losing your money due to the network fees at every step.

Next, cryptocurrency volatility. You may never know how much each coin will be worth not only in the long perspective, but also in the nearest few hours.

All together, these issues make it really hard for cryptocurrencies to take a substantial part in our lives.

BestRate Payout: solving adoption issues

Meet our new product BestRate Payout that will help resolve all these issues and make crypto reality a little bit closer.

Simply sign up, specify and share your personal link and start receiving payments to your wallet. Once the payment is sent you will also receive an email notification, so you will never miss any transaction.

With our service, individuals can get payments from their friends and relatives, freelancers can get payments from their clients, companies may share their payout links with their customers. You are no longer limited by your country borders and can receive payments in a matter of a few minutes from all over the world. After all, this was one of the first reasons why cryptos were invented at all as they give an opportunity to send money overseas in a matter of a few minutes.

And this is not all. There is a number of features that make our service better than traditional means of payments, such as PayPal and Payoneer.

5 features that make BestRate Payout stand out from all the similar solutions

Receive 80+ cryptos

Apart from Bitcoin and Ether, we support most popular altcoins. You won’t have to create a wallet for each one of them. Whichever currency your opponent uses, it will be converted to Ether or TUSD (crypto USD) at the best market rate and sent to your wallet. You are no longer limited by the market variativity.

Accept payments in FIAT

You can also accept payments from bank cards in FIAT (USD or EUR). Most people are still far from using cryptocurrencies in their daily lives and they are more accustomed to usual bank cards. Our service would be imperfect without FIAT currencies support, so we give our users an easy way to receive payments from a bank card.

The money is also converted to ETH or TUSD and safely sent to your wallet in the same manner.

ETH or TUSD (crypto USD) as a settlement currency

As we’ve already stated above, cryptocurrency volatility is a big obstacle in the cryptocurrency mass adoption. Cryptocurrency everchanging rates can help you both make a fortune and lose everything. This is why we let you select which currency you want to receive.

Specify Ether as a settlement currency if it’s more appealing to you as an investment or you want to use it for other purposes. Or select a stable coin TUSD to protect yourself from market fluctuations. TUSD is a special cryptocurrency that is always converted to USD at the 1:1 rate regardless of the market upsides or downtrends.

A short link for receiving payments

With BestRate Payout, you won’t need to worry about having to memorize your wallet address or making a mistake in it anymore. All you will need to do is to paste it into your account settings once. Then you specify your personal link (‘’) and simply share it to accept payments. It’s much easier to memorize such a link than the whole crypto wallet address, isn’t it?

Get funds directly to your wallet

With traditional payment services such as PayPal or Payoneer your funds first arrive to your account within these systems and only after that you can withdraw it to your bank account or wherever else. However, while your money is located on a third-party service, the funds don’t fully belong to you.

Our service allows you to get funds to your own wallet directly. Thus, you have full control over your money.

How to start using BestRate Payout

The procedure is really simple.

  1. Set up the Metamask wallet if you haven’t done this yet. Get your ETH wallet address.
  2. Sign up for BestRate Payout for free.
  3. Specify your personal settings.

BestRate Payout Settings

  • Page address. Specify your personal link to share.
  • Your Name / Company. The name you want people to see when they click on your personal link.
  • Profile image. Upload your photo or logo.
  • Text on page. The description that will be displayed on your personal page. If you raise funds to buy a pizza, you should surely let everyone know about it. 🙂
  • Your ETH wallet address. Copy-paste it from your Metamask wallet. This is where the funds will be forwarded to.
  • Default currency ticker. Which currency will be selected for the payment by default.
  • Default amount. Which amount will be displayed for the payment by default.

All the changes will be displayed on-the-fly. Don’t forget to press “Apply” button to save the settings. As you see, it’s all simple as 1-2-3.

Sign Up for free

What our clients say about our service

BestRate Payout is not the first product that we have launched so far. We have huge experience in the B2B and B2C area. Here’s what our clients say about our other products:



The cryptocurrency technologies are still young. The whole industry is being vigorously developed and there are still many issues to overcome.

BestRate Payout helps to resolve some of them getting us closer to the blockchain-oriented future. The pioneers who get their hands on the whole area will get much more benefits than those who are slower to make decisions.

Join our service and get your chance to become the pioneer of cryptocurrencies’ mass adoption!

P.S. You can embed our widget onto your website to facilitate crypto payments to your clients. Click on “Embedded code” tab, copy-paste it to your website and start receiving payments in a few clicks.