BestRate Payout

BestRate Payout and Business Payout

BestRate Payout is a simple product that helps you accept crypto payments without commissions. After registration, you will be asked to fill several basic fields, like your name, description of yourself or your project, and one of your crypto currency wallets, like ETH. After this, you’ll get a hosted page with unique URL, which you can use to accept 120+ cryptocurrencies. 

The basic tool is called Personal Payout and could be used to get paid by your friends, family or accept donations. Business Payout is the extension for Personal Payout for online businesses, retail and events to accept crypto payments easily. 


Personal Payout

Let’s check in detail the process of setting it up. 

First of all, click on the Personal Payout in the left menu. On the Personal Payout page, there are several sub-menus:

  • Main
  • Settings
  • Preview and Theme
  • Embedded Code


Let’s see the basic settings for each of the sub menus, starting from “Get the Code”. Over here, you need to provide some basic settings about yourself: 

Your name / Company – please fill your name; 

Page URL – pick up unique URL you would like to have, like your nickname or brand in social networks; 

Receivable Ticker – choose which cryptocurrency you would like to get at the end, so we could convert 120+ cryptocurrencies and FIAT to this currency and send straight to your wallet. 

Your ETH wallet – depending on the receivable ticker, please provide your wallet address. We don’t generate wallets for our users, you can simply create a wallet by yourself, using MetaMask, Myetherwallet or any other similar service. In this case, you keep your private keys and we don’t keep your funds, thus, providing you with additional security and trust.

Please click Publish or Apply. If all the requirements are met, you’ll have your hosted page up and running in seconds. In the example, below, it would be available at, where the last part of the URL is chosen by you.


Here you can enhance the appearance of your page a bit.

Profile image –  please upload your photo or avatar, 

Default Payment Currency for your User –  choose which currency will be applied for the payment to you by default, for example, payments in Ethereum, like in this example:

Exchange only selected tickers – choose which currencies you would like to accept. If you like to accept ETH, BTC, USD for example, you can simply add them here.

Exclude tickers from exchange – you can add currencies that you are not willing to accept. To exclude TRON, for example, please type TRON or TRX.

Please click Apply to save all changes.

Default amount – the default value for the user to pay. For example 1 ETH, like in the example above.

Preview and Theme

Here you can check how you pages looks like for web and mobile version, and customize it using your wishes or branded colors as you like. 

Please click Apply to save all changes.

Embedded Code 

Here you can choose the size of the widget and get the code which you can integrate to you website or app. In fact, it’s the same if you click “Get the Code” button next to “Apply” button at the bottom of the page.


Once you create Personal Payout page, you can simply add it to your social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, so people can send funds you easily. If you’re a blogger or you’re willing to accept donations, it’s the perfect instrument to automate payment processes, while we do not reveal your wallet and the process is kept anonymous. Please check the Twitter example below, to get the idea of how you can use your unique URL. 


Personal Payout is absolutely free product. We do not require the subscription and BestRate doesn’t collect any fees from your payments. 




Business Payout

If Personal Payout is designed for getting personal payments, Business Payout is it’s extension to facilitate business payments, like payments for your services or products. The key difference is that it allows you to create products and select the prices for it’s usage. Business Payout has a special extension and functionality for conferences or events willing to accept crypto payments for the tickets. 


Getting started

Please click Business Payout in the left menu. 

You will be asked to create a new Business Payout or you can modify already created Business Payouts on this page. 

The submenu consists of the following submenus:

  • Main
  • Listed items
  • Settings
  • Page Type
  • Preview and Theme

While Main, Settings, and Preview and Theme were explained in Personal Payout, let’s see the new options.


Listed Items

Here you can add your products, services, and description for each of them.

Default selected – this item will appear selected by the default on the payment page

Name – Please provide the name for the item(product or service)

Description – you can fill the description for the item

Price – here you can set the price

Once everything is filled, you can see the live example on the left and check how your product or service will appear for the final user

Also you can add additional fields for each item. This means that you can collect additional information from the payer, like Name, Surname, Company, Address, email or whatever you need. Please check the required fields, or email fields for automated checks.

Page Type

Here you can choose between the standard page or event page. 

If you choose Event Page you can customize: Main block, Features block, About Block, Gallery block, Speakers Block, Contact Block. It means that you can create a full version of your conference or event page, provide a description and marketing materials, fill it with images, Speakers, automatically integrate the map with the venue. 

Please check this example, you can create similar page in minutes.


Business Payout is a tool designed for online businesses, freelancers or events willing to accept crypto payments. Once you create your page, you can also copy the code to integrate the payment widget at your website or app. 


Business Payout usage requires eCommerce plan(39$/month). 


After registration, we provide every user 1 day to check all BestRate’s products. After 24 hours, we kindly ask our clients and testers to go to Account->Subscription, choose the plan(please choose eCommerce plan in order to use the product described above) that suits your needs and enter your bank card. After that, we’ll provide you with free 30 days trial without any charges from BestRate’s side for your convenience. You’re able to remove your subscription or update your plan at any moment by clicking at your plan in Account -> Subscriptions.


If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]