BestRate Products

BestRate is a crypto gateway and trading solution

BestRate has finished working on the grant program provided by Waves Labs successfully. The goal was to develop crypto plugins for WooCommerce and Magento CMS platforms, so internet / online businesses and retail could accept payments in 120+ different cryptocurrencies and get paid in Waves. The goal was finished and we’ll describe how you can use these and others BestRate products in details.

BestRate architecture

One of the strongest features of BestRate is the beauty of the architecture. BestRate is integrated with the top crypto exchanges in the industry and helps users to add more functionality to their current crypto exchange accounts. You can easily transform your crypto exchange to a payment gateway or payment processor, trade across different crypto exchanges in one single interface. No matter of your geography, you can extend your CoinBase account if you’re a US resident, Kraken if you’re in European Union or Binance if you’re in Asia, BestRate supports it all.

BestRate has 3 different set of products:

  • Trader
  • eCommerce
  • Crypto Gateway


BestRate Trader

BestRate has a product to integrate various crypto exchange accounts into one trading terminal. Analyze prices, monitor your aggregated portfolio and perform operations using crypto bots from one single interface using Trader functionality

As a part of the product, you can now monitor and manage your aggregated crypto portfolio  for a particular crypto coin and per crypto exchange to have the full vision of all your assets across various crypto exchange accounts. Now nothing will get lost or forgotten.

BestRate eCommerce

BestRate eCommerce consists of 2 products:

  • Crypto Plugins for popular CMS(wooCommerce, Magento)
  • Business Payout

WooCommerce and Magento crypto plugins

If you’re running an internet shop or other online business and use WooCommerce and Magento as a CMS platform, you can easily start accepting crypto payments for your business. 

The architecture of the solution provides seamless integration, you just need to download and activate the plugin using the API keys provided by BestRate. Also, you’re able to use one of the top crypto exchanges integrated by BestRate: Binance, Bitfinex, BitFlyer, Coinbase, Gemini, itbit or Kraken. In this case, you’ll get a transparent history of operations and the possibility to withdraw collected crypto payments to your bank account using the crypto exchange directly. Here is the link to check withdraw commissions by Kraken, for example, and detailed blog post from BestRate team. 


If you like to start using crypto payment plugins, please follow these links: WooCommerce, Magento

BestRate Payout

If you’re a blogger or freelancer and you don’t have CMS platform, you can use BestRate Payout functionality to collect crypto payments for your work or content. You can list your products or services using BestRate Business Payout or simply collect crypto payments from your friends and family. Create your own hosted page and simply put it in your social profile to automate the payment processing. 

Additionally, you can use Business Payout for selling your products and services. Please check the screenshot below or this live example.

For a complete overview of BestRate Payout product, please follow this link.

BestRate Crypto Gateway

Since its release in May 2018, BestRate Crypto Gateway was used by 100+ projects worldwide to collect payments for the ICO or facilitate crypto and FIAT payments for blockchain projects, crypto games and other projects with utility tokens. BestRate is able to facilitate payments and automate tokens distribution, while projects can focus on their main priorities and product development.

To have the full vision of the Crypto Gateway functionality, please check this post.

How to start using the service? 

Please sign up at BestRate.

After registration we provide 24 hours of free access to all our products, so you can get the idea of our products.  

You can still use our free products after these 24 hours: like Personal Payout, buy crypto via Simplex, exchange your coins, check transactions and use Trader products(Trading terminal, Portfolio) for several crypto exchanges with limited functionality.

If you want to continue using the full functionality of the products, please go to your account -> Subscription, select the plan you want to use and enter your bank card details: you’ll start 30 days trial without any charges from BestRate.

You can easily remove your subscription or upgrade to another plan in Subscription at any time by simply clicking at your plan.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]