BestRate Supports EOS-Based Projects

It’s been a while since we’ve launched our flagship product BestRate ICO payment tool. It has been tested inside out and now we can surely say that the product works at its best performance. It allows you nor only to accept payments in FIAT and 80+ cryptos. But also automatically distribute your tokens among investors.

Up until recently, Ethereum has been the most popular platform for running smart contracts and conducting ICOs as there simply were no alternatives. And all our B2B tools were suited only for Ethereum-based projects.

However, it’s very difficult to create a totally new system and a new religion without any flaws at the first attempt. Ethereum has many issues, and as the market evolves, new projects appear that aim to resolve these problems. One of such projects is EOS.

EOS is a relatively new project. Its mainnet has been launched only in June this year, but even despite its youth it already shows much better results than Ethereum. Some experts believe that it has the capacity to replace Ethereum in time and even now there are already many projects based on EOS. This is why we’ve decided to integrate our tools with it in the first place. Here are its main benefits.

5 hot facts about EOS

1. 4,000 transactions per second

This is the maximum network capacity that has been fixed so far. Compare it with Ethereum’s maximum of 19 tps and 7 tps on Bitcoin.

2. Free and instant transactions

Whenever you make a transaction on Ethereum, Bitcoin or any other blockchain, you have to pay the networks fees. The higher is the network load, the higher fees you should pay to speed up the transaction. When a very popular project launches a pre-sale and investors rush to get their share, the network gets overloaded and the gas price literally soars. If you set up low gas price, you either have to wait for a very long time for the transaction to be processed or the transaction doesn’t pass at all.

With EOS there are no such issues. The network is based on the DPOS (delegated-proof-of-stake) algorithm and there is no miner fee. The money is transferred instantly with no additional commission.

3. The biggest amount of operations

According to the statistics on, around 25% of all transactions are conducted on EOS and only 10% on Ethereum.

About 2 months ago, in August 2018, EOS share was more than 60%.

4. In total, EOS has raised $4B

So far, it’s one of the most successful ICOs that has ever been conducted., the head company managing the project now has plenty of resources to conduct hackatons and encourage promising IT projects to develop their products. EOS literally has enough funds to conquer the world.

5. The 5th position on Coinmarketcap

EOS is in the 5th line on with the $5B capitalization. Ever since it’s been launched, EOS has been holding stable positions on top of this reputable service.

* * *

Summing up, we’d like to mention that there’s a very big community standing behind EOS. This blockchain has really great potential.

How BestRate ICO payment tool integrates with EOS-based projects

Now that our ICO payment tool is fully compatible with EOS, you can integrate our solution and distribute your tokens among investors with one of the following methods.

  • Static address.

It’s the easiest way to set up the tool and takes no more than 5 minutes. The token distribution is conducted manually in this case. This integration method works best for a pre-sale stage when you thoroughly select huge investors and work with each of them individually.

Simply specify your EOS account, generate the code and start accepting payments in a few clicks of a mouse.


  • Token distribution via BestRate.

Outsource the token distribution process to our tech team. Simply send us a bunch of your tokens and we will do the rest.

This integration method is also very easy and comes with full automation. Every time an investor buys your EOS-based tokens, our service sends a necessary amount of tokens basing on your settings.

  • Smart contract.

This method works best for projects with strong R&D teams.

If you set up all the restrictions through your smart contract, such as the list of accounts with allocation, the timeframe for your ICO, etc., you can integrate your EOS-based smart contract with our tool and distribute tokens among your investors automatically. To do this, you will need to specify your contract address, contract method and ABI.

Integration with MyWish EOS-based smart contracts

Our ICO payment tool is fully integrated with the service The service offers a smart contracts constructor that facilitates the process of creating your own smart contract based on Ethereum or EOS.

If you launch an EOS-based project, you can now raise funds for it with our ICO payment tool. Sign up for free and test yourself!