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Token Listing

  • No fixed pairs. Users can buy your tokens for 80+ cryptos.
  • Sell your tokens for FIAT (USD and EUR).
  • Low fees. We charge you only 1 BTC for listing, which is incomparably less than the fees of most exchanges.
  • Marketing support. We can help you promote your project on top media platforms.
No fixed pairs
Most exchange platforms offer only fixed pairs with BTC and ETH. BestRate allows your users to switch your tokens to 80+ altcoins.
Fast compliance
Most exchange platforms require a huge pile of documents and you will curse them all till your token will be listed. BestRate omits all these obstacles.


  • 1 BTC for listing. This is the fee that we take for ourselves.
  • 3 BTC to the token pool. Send us a bunch of your tokens for distribution.
  • 2 BTC to the marketing budget (optional). We can promote your project on huge media platforms.