BestRate WooCommerce Crypto Plugin Official Release

After some testing, BestRate wooCommerce plugin was officially published by WordPress.

We encourage everyone interested in accepting crypto payments for services and products for online business, retail, and shops to start using our plugin. We are happy to provide you with a nice hassle-free opportunity to increase your conversion rates and profits.

This is how it looks like on the checkout page:


From now on, after the initial time for setting everything up, we would ask you to subscribe to “Business Payout + eCommerce” plan in order to be able to use the plugin. “Business Payout + eCommerce” is only 49$/month, and remember that we won’t take any additional commissions from you. Please find the subscription option inside your account -> Subscription


We also added Waves as a receivable currency:

We would be adding support for other popular CMS, providing Waves users other features and possibilities, and we would continuously develop our products further, to provide our users with the best technologies, transparency, and conditions.


We would also like to thank all the testers and early adopters. To be honest, we didn’t expect such warm and active feedback. Thank you!


If you need a hand with WooCommerce or BestRate’s settings, please check this post.

If you have some remaining questions, please send us  a message at [email protected]