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Conduct the whole operation with our algorithms at the best rate

Crypto Trading Bots

  • Avoid dropping the rate when placing the big order on the exchange platform
  • Better rates and faster exchange procedure with the help of our bot
  • Get away from heaps of manual work for exchanging crypto sums
  • No commissions - you pay standard crypto exchange fees only
The best rate
Our trading bot comes with a whole set of cool features designed to exchange cryptos at the best rate. For example, it selects the platform that offers the best price in a given moment, places the order, keeps it at the first position, etc.
Full automation
Our bot is fully automated and helps you save tons of time on setting up orders. Also, it brings the possibility to make a mistake due to the human factor down to zero.
Exchange by small parts
Our BestRater algorithm divides the big sum into small parts and thus prevents the exchange rate from dropping.
Full transparency
You can give BestRate permissions to read/exchange your funds at your crypto exchange without withdrawal permissions so that you could ensure that your funds are safe. You'll get full transparency of operations as they are conducted right at your crypto exchange account.

The algorithm BestRater: how it works

Watch this video to learn how our bot works under the hood. See how it changes the price to keep your order at the best rate and helps you make this huge exchange automatically.

How to use our bot

Register at BestRate


Add your crypto exchange account(s)

The process is secure: we don’t have rights to withdraw your funds.


Setup your trading bot and press “Start”!

You’ll have the full transparency and control of operations.

For Blockchain projects

Ours bots will be useful to the projects that have token economy and want to diversify their crypto portfolio to avoid risks. You can have the full view of your funds via our Crypto Portfolio and take immidiate actions to convert your funds in automated manner to save your money.


For crypto investors and funds

Crypto investors and funds who want to rebalance their portfolio by exchanging multiple coins/altcoins can make use of our bots to automate daily operations.


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