Changelly vs Shapeshift

If you google Internet cryptocurrency exchanges, you will find a lot of options to choose from. Yes, you can exchange money, buy or sell crypto effortlessly. It would seem that.

In fact, only a small number of exchanges are able to guarantee a safe and profitable service for users. How to pass by cheaters? The answer is quite universal. You need to check lots of reviews and ratings of exchanges via trusted thematic sites. The world is ruled by those whom people trust.

And you should definitely compare the conditions and opportunities of exchanging, buying and selling cryptocurrency on different proven services when you find several sites. The fact is that the mechanics of each service is individual, and you run the risk of facing certain inconveniences for yourself by choosing one or another website. You can’t get around the cons, but you can find a site where the flaws are not critical exactly for you.

We propose to consider a pair of popular cryptocurrency exchanges as an example for making choices. We’re talking about trusted services, but what can they offer you? Having learned to compare the main factors, you can make the right decisions in the future.

So, Changelly vs Shapechift: who will win this battle? Let’s go through the basic points.

Basic info

Changelly is an extremely popular cryptocurrency trading service that makes it easy to buy dozens of popular coins. It has a lot of unique features, what makes the site stand out from the crowd. The site has been operating since 2013, but modern functionality and appearance have existed since 2015.

Also you need to notice that Changelly is an exchanger (if you check functions), everything is much more complicated in root essence. The service is based on an algorithm built into lots of largest cryptoexchanges. It tracks the most favorable rate at each site, brings the information together and analyzes the most profitable purchase option in real time.

ShapeShift is a Swiss service created for the quick and secure exchange of cryptocurrency. It was founded in 2014. The main bet of this project is made on the speed and ease of cryptocurrency exchange. You don’t need to complete difficult personal procedure of verification and identification. During the early period of activity, the service was criticized for security problems, but today a lot of money has been invested in improving systems, and ShapeShift is working stably.

Changelly vs Shapeshift: currencies and countries available

This section is one of the main advantages of Changelly. The platform exchanges 130 cryptocurrencies. Among them are the most popular ones, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, as well as those that are not represented in all exchangers. Competitors do not have this diversity. Service operates in all countries of the world. Moreover, the system accepts credit cards of any country, automatically converting local currency into dollars or euros. Site’s interface is available in English only, but it very simple. The main tabs on the site are translated into Russian, Japanese, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese.

Shapeshift does not work with fiat money, but it works with more than 50 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Zcash among others. The exchange works in almost all countries of the world, and the interface is translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish and other languages.

That is, the first site is better for rare cryptocurrencies and fiat money, and the second one is the choice for exchanging between more popular cryptos.

Changelly vs Shapeshift fees

Changelly takes 0.5% of the total amount. Also, you need to add fee which is provided for in the cryptocurrency system itself. Lots of users asks administration to make those costs less, but objectively: the price corresponds to the general quality of services.

Shapeshift does not take a commission for the exchange of cryptocurrency. It earns via the difference in the rates of tokens. Payment can be made only to the miners who confirm it. This is your choice of a narrow exchange task between cryptocurrencies, for the rest you should choose a competitor.

Security issues comparison

What is the situation in the Shapeshift vs Changelly opposition in this important point?

For security purposes, Changelly provides a two-factor authentication (via code) when you entering the account and transferring funds. User can install this system by himself and turn off it at any time. There is no verification at the service, because there’s no need in it.

Shapeshift is not interesting for hackers, because there is no registration option. No one can store currencies on the exchange. The process of exchanging takes place in minutes, the time of the transaction depends on the amount of funds you use.

Shapeshift vs Changelly: What’s about support?

Changelly’s main office is located in Prague, Czech Republic. You can use phone to contact them or choose feedback form at the site. They always answer quite quickly.

Shapeshift: you can contact customer support by phone or via the feedback form at the site too. Users in reviews often complain that the technical support team does not respond for a long time. Sometimes you need to wait for several days to get the answer.

Final thoughts about Changelly vs Shapeshift battle

Shapshift is a simple and reliable service that can help you to solve only one problem (exchanging between two cryptocurrencies). If you don’t want to trade tokens to work with fiat money, you can choice this site for your actions. It will provide you a number of huge benefits. There’s no registration, simple and convenient interface, additional technical features and so on.

If you need a full range of financial options to use, the road leads you to Changelly.  Fiat currencies, but a huge choice of currencies and a luxurious system of automatic search of best exchange rate make the service a unique phenomenon of the whole market.