Crypto payment tool for events: new features

Last October, we released a new version of our crypto payment tool allowing to accept payments for events.

With the help of this tool, you could create a page for any conference and provide your guests with an option to select the type of the ticket and pay in 80+ cryptocurrencies and fiat. The payment process went as follows:

  1. Users selected the currency to pay with.
  2. The system calculated the cost of the ticket in the selected currency according to the current rates.
  3. The payment was converted into the currency of your choice (ETH or TUSD) and sent to your crypto wallet.

One of our first clients was the conference BeyondBlocks in Bangkok. The product proved to be very popular and was at high demand among cryptocurrency events throughout all this time.

Now 5 months after the launch we are glad to present new features that would make our payment tool for conferences even more convenient.

New features

Now you can create a page for your event with much more flexible settings that will help you make the event description more beautiful and informative.

The new blocks include:

  • features of the conference
  • speakers (names and photos)
  • photo gallery
  • the conference address with the Google Map

Eventually, you will get something like what you can see on our test page for the conference Token2049

How to start using our event widget

The process is quite simple. Follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. Go to In the form on the right, put in your email address and sign up.
  2. Select the Payout Business option in your account on the left-hand bar. Select the “event page” as the type of the payout. 
  3. Specify all the settings and start accepting payments for your crypto events or conferences in 120+ cryptos + FIAT.