DigitalNote to Bitcoin

The key difference between digitalnote and bitcoin

If you’ve decided to convert XDN to BTC you should consider the following facts about these two cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is the pioneer in the cryptocurrency area. Launched in 2009, it has shown the world a possibility to make transactions between counterparties without any middlemen. Any transaction is written into the blockchain and anybody can see the wallet addresses that have made a transaction, and the amount they have exchanged between each other. Although it is very difficult to track the owner of these are the other wallet address, it is not totally impossible, and this is the weakness that Digitalnote aims to resolve that.

Digitalnote offers its users absolute anonymity and privacy. If you exchange Digitalnote to Bitcoin, the XDN network will help you keep your finances private.

Mining algorithms

What is Bitcoin mining algorithm?

Before you exchange BTC to XDN, you should also learn about the algorithms that stand behind these currencies.

The algorithm named Proof-of-Work (PoW) is the basis of Bitcoin. It was first invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and has become the standard for many new cryptocurrencies that have appeared after that. According to this algorithm, special equipment resolves computational problems and finds the blocks where the information about transactions can be stored. This information is kept in all the blocks across the whole network which makes it close to impossible to alter it. That is why transactions on Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies are more secure.

What is Digitalnote mining algorithm?

Launched as a fork of Bitcoin, Digitalnote is also based on the PoW algorithm. However, it doesn’t require special equipment and can be used on the end-user laptop or personal computer. The algorithm CrytoNight allows to make the transactions fully untraceable.

Digitalnote supply

The circulating supply of Digitalnote equals to , while its maximum supply equals to .

For Bitcoin, the circulating supply equals to 18,058,300, while its maximum supply equals to 21,000,000.

Market Capitalization

If you want to convert Bitcoin to Digitalnote, the market capitalization is a very important index that you should pay attention to.

For Digitalnote, the current market capitalization equals to . Bitcoin’s capitalization equals to $145,489,923,039.00.

Volume of transactions

During the last 24 hours, Digitalnote’s volume of transaction equals to . For Bitcoin, this index equals to $20,743,295,947.56.

Average transaction speed