How to enable crypto payments?

How to accept bitcoin?

Many businesses are struggling to find the answer to the question “How to increase the revenue for an online business?”.

The answer is complicated, as businesses need to find their customers, deliver the product, and keep their clients happy. However, even if the business is growing, finding new growth hacks is complicated.

Usage of cryptocurrency

However, we would like to show the easy way how to increase your conversion, and, thus, revenues or how to accept cryptocurrency as a payment.

Usage of cryptocurrency continues to grow. In 2020, just a few days ago the bitcoin halving has happened, and usually, this creates the new growth for the crypto adoption in general.

How to accept bitcoin as payment?

Bitcoin integration to your business processes can be easier than you think, and it’s a very good idea in 2020. How do you do that? First of all, you need to create a crypto exchange account, like Binance or CoinBase, depending on your location and residency. Personal accounts can be created in several minutes, business ones would require additional verification. We described why it is the best way in this article.

How to collect crypto payments automatically?

If your business has hundreds of orders per week, it’s difficult to send your BTC wallet or BTC bills to all of your customers, verify payments, and send receipts. Even if you are a tech geek, you would need a full node of blockchain on a separate server to check the transaction statuses and make business decisions. That’s why we developed a simple API to help you with this task. Set it, and forget it. All the payments will be collected at your crypto exchange account, thus, you will have full transparency of all transactions. Also, only you have permission to withdraw your funds from the account, thus, you have the full security.


  1. The main advantage of our system is that we do not create a cryptocurrency or virtual wallet for you. All the transactions happen at your crypto exchange account. This gives you security and transparency with the actual rates.
  2. You are able to collect the payments in many cryptocurrencies at once. BestRate supports 120+ blockchains and tokens.
  3. You can get your payments in USDT, which is always 1 : 1 to USD and forget about the volatility of the cryptocurrency. In other words, you get USDT payment gateway for your business.
  4. All payments are being converted to your preferred currency, for example, USDT or BTC, at your crypto exchange with the actual rates and transparency using our crypto trading bots.
  5. We provide you with a 30 days free trial to test our solution to check the demand.

Blockchain API

If you like to use your own wallets, exchanges, and develop your own system to accept crypto payments or distribute tokens within your product, you can use our Blockchain API. It simplifies development costs and resources, you don’t need to have a dozen of blockchain nodes on your servers, while you create your own crypto payment processing solution using our SaaS.

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CMS integration for crypto payments

We developed Magento and WooCommerce plugins, which can be easily integrated with your CMS, you can read more about this here.

Please note that, WooCommerce plugin was recently updated to support the latest version of WordPress.

How to start?

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