EOS to Tether

The key difference between EOS and Tether

If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and convert EOS to Tether it’s crucial to understand the technology that stands behind these projects in order to make the right choice.

EOS was created as an alternative to Ethereum and aims to resolve numerous problems that this platform for creating decentralized apps has. The main problems of Ethereum network are the scalability and the transaction fees. Ethereum has a maximum throughput of 19 transactions per second. Also, the more people try to make an exchange in a given moment of time the higher are the fees and the longer you have to wait for your transaction to be confirmed.

EOS has the capacity to eliminate these problems. This network doesn’t imply any fees and the highest registered TPS currently equals to almost 4000. Also, if you want to change EOS to Tether, remember that EOS is more decentralized as it is produced by 21 active node while with Tether you have to rely on a single issuing company. However, converting EOS to USDT may be useful in the times of the market downtrend, as USDT is a stable coin with the rate which always equal to $1.

Mining algorithms

How is EOS produced?

If you ever decided to exchange USDT to EOS you should be aware of how these cryptocurrencies are created. EOS is produced by 20 active nodes and around 150 more stay in the reserve. The 21st producer constantly changes and is selected from these reserve companies. If any of the 20 producers tries to cheat the network he is exchanged for the one from the reserve pool. Thus, the network remains truly decentralized. If you are a decentralization addict it may be wise for you to convert Tether to EOS.

What is Tether mining algorithm?

Tether is a stable coin that is produced by a single issuing company. Its rate always makes up $1 and is backed by the funds invested into the company. There is no way to mine Tether on your home PC or on any specialized equipment either. If you want to exchange EOS for USDT you can only do it on an exchange platform or by Tether directly from the company.

EOS supply

The circulating supply of EOS equals to 920,441,580, while its maximum supply equals to emission infinite.

For Tether, the circulating supply equals to 4,642,367,414, while its maximum supply equals to emission infinite.