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What is Nubits

What is Nubits

NuBits is a currency, that is connected to the real USD rates. This currency is not meant to be stored on wallets, waiting for its price to grow. It is meant to be used as an ordinary payment method. You can use NuBits to buy and sell things just as easy as USD.  

Advantages of using Nubits

Fixed rate

NuBits rate is fixed with USD and it should be more stable than other crypto tokens on the market. However, it is still a crypto asset, so the rates can vary.

Trading easily

NuBits was suggested to be a currency for daily usage. The developers have created special software for the merchants, allowing them to accept NuBits in their stores, coffee shops and any other places.

Open community

NuBits developers are open to new suggestions and implementations. You can join their forum and bring up your ideas. If they find them valuable and worth developing, they will add this functionality to the NuBits blockchain.

USNBT definitions


USNBT is a cryptoasset and a token of the NuBits project. So it can be bought and sold as an ordinary token.


You can use exchange platforms to change USD to USNBT or to convert this token to other cryptocurrencies. There are also aggregators like for you to find better prices on the market to make a deal.


Nodes are very important for the whole network. They are holding the blockchain and process all transactions. They also are granted by the tokens for their work.

Market cap

USNBT can be converted to USD and the rate should be about 1 USD for 1 NuBits. But it is not always that way. This means that we can calculate the value of the whole NuBits network, simply multiplying the price of one USNBT by the number of USNBT coins worldwide.

USNBT investment strategy

During the whole history of NuBits, there were no significant price changes with long term trends. As the developers suggest this coin to be fixed with USD rates, it will always aim for that rate. But however, you can earn some money scalping on the short term rate changes.

Where to keep NuBits

There is a desktop wallet app that was developed by the NuBits team and can be downloaded from their forum.

And you can also use Coinomi client for Android to store your tokens there as well.

How to transfer USNBT securely

USNBT is a cryptoasset and that means that there will be no bank involved in your USNBT transactions. Everything you do with your cryptocurrency is your responsibility, so you should be very careful. There are some tips to help you not to lose your cryptoassets.

Never type a wallet address manually

Always use only copy-paste operation to enter a wallet address. Any mistake can cause an error and let your money get lost in the network.

Look up the transaction fee

Any good wallet or an exchange platform will show you the transaction fee for your money transfer. Look for it anytime you send USNBT coins to anyone.

Double check the address

Make sure that the address of the recipient is correct and check it several times before sending off the sum, especially if you transfer big amounts of USNBT coins at a time.

Test before sending

Anytime you send huge amount of USNBT check the whole procedure on a small amount. When you will be sure that your partner has received the money, do the same thing with the rest of the asset.