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Buy Trustcoin (TRST)

Trustcoin (TRST) is a digital currency issued by the Ethereum based platform named WeTrust. You can buy Trustcoin on our website, Modern technologies have brought great changes into our lives, yet there are billions of people all around the world that have no access to the banking services that fuel the world’s economy. The purpose of the Trust platform is to provide decentralized financial services and let anyone access these services without any third party. The platform has been created as an alternative to traditional financial institutions and provide its users with community based form of banking, credit scores and insurance.

In order to exchange Bitcoin to Trust you need to set up a wallet for both of these currencies first.

For Trustcoin, create a wallet on

Check how to add a custom token on MyEtherWallet in their knowledgebase.

For Bitcoin, we recommend to use the wallet named Jaxx.