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What is Trustcoin

What is WeTrust

WeTrust is an ambitious project that is going to change the way we take risks and earn fees for taking them. On this project your professional reputation and the your network allows you to take risks and earn coins. This newly developed blockchain system uses its own cryptotoken called TRST. Users buy this coins to use the system that allows them to pay fees for other users of the network for their guarantees.

Advantages of using Trust

Trusted Lending

You can use WeTrust blockchain to borrow or lend money safely. After you have taken the risk as the loan guarantee you will be pleased by the TRST income for your trustworthy reputation, that has guaranteed the loan.

Decentralized safety

Within WeTrust network your connections really matters. When you know the guy who know the guy it begins to sound like you can do business together because you trust each other because of the common connections. This startup is really going to replace the whole insurance infrastructure.


As the every move is registered in blockchain, you can be sure whether the current person trustfull or not. This transparency allows you to carefully choose your business partners from the one hand. And it also allows fair people to earn for their reputation additional coins.

TRST definitions


TRST is a token of WeTrust project. It is used to pay fair people for their reputation and networks. But this token can also be trayed on exchange platforms.


If you would like to change TRST coins to any other cryptoassets you will need to a special service called Exchange. Or you can compare their prices between each other and choose the best one using aggregators like


Nodes are the main computers in the network. They process all the transactions and have the full copy of the blockchain on their hard drives.

Market cap

TRST coins can be converted to USD. You can calculate the market capitalisation of the whole network multiplying the price of one TRST by the number of total TRSD issued.

TRST investment strategy

You can buy this token to be able to use the WeTrust network. You can create a strong net of friends on this network and earn new TRST guaranteeing your friends loans and borrows. Then you can receive this TRST coins on your wallet and convert them into any other cryptoasset or fiat money using Bestrate.prg.

Where to keep TRST

There is not so many wallets that are compatible with this tokens. You can use Mist wallet or MyEtherWallet to receive and store your TRST coins. Other ERC20 compatible wallets can be also supported but you should better check this out before making a transaction. Otherwise, your TRST can be stuck in the system.

How to transfer TRST securely

TRST coins are cryptoassets and there will be no bank or any other third party member to look for your transaction security. So here are some advice for you to stay safe with your coins.

Never type a wallet address manually

Always use only copy-paste operation to enter a wallet address. Any mistake can cause an error and let your money get lost in the network.

Look up the transaction fee

Any good wallet or an exchange platform will show you the transaction fee for your money transfer. Look for it anytime you send TRST coins to anyone.

Double check the address

Make sure that the address of the recipient is correct and check it several times before sending off the sum, especially if you transfer big amounts of TRST coins at a time.

Test before sending

Anytime you send huge amount of TRST check the whole procedure on a small amount. When you will be sure that your partner has received the money, do the same thing with the rest of the asset.