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Lunyr Exchange

Lunyr represents an Ethereum-based decentralized knowledge base that contains any information imaginable and rewards its users with tokens as they place there reviews and contribute information. You can perform Lunyr exchange on our website, The main purpose of the project is give internet-users reliable and accurate information. As for their long-term purposes, they aim to create a knowledge base API for developers to help them create decentralized applications in Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

The platform works in the following way. A user creates new or edits an existing article, which he then contributes to the knowledge base. The article then is forwarded to the peer review, published and rewarded. The user may get the following tokens as a reward: CBN, LUN and HNR. LUN can be used for advertising, HNR can be used for achievement rewards.

How to buy Lunyr

If you want to buy Lunyr digital currency using some other currency you own, first select the currency you have and put in the amount.

Select the Lunyr price rate that works best for you.

Type your Lunyr wallet address. After that will generate the address for you. Copy this address. Then you will see that the transaction was created, its status will be displayed on your screen.

How to sell Lunyr

If you want to sell Lunyr and buy another type of cryptocoin, first select the currency you want to buy and put in the amount. Then repeat all the steps described above. provides you with the best Lunyr exchange rates so that you could maximize your profits.