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The holidays are coming and the winter is already here. BestRate is going to warm you up a bit and offers a great deal – 50% off for all the products to be bought before 2019.

We know that you have been working hard all the year and now feel a bit confused with all this cryptocurrency rally during the last month.

Bear market

Price of Bitcoin started dropping significantly since the middle of November and now is nearly $3280, following the strong downtrend. However, the overall market capitalization is still more than $100 billion. This volume is nearly the indexes of August 2017 just before the huge rise.

So do not be discouraged. The market is still alive and we strongly believe that there will be a dawn after the darkest hour.

Support the new projects of 2019

We already knew that there are some great projects preparing for launch in 2019. However, the teams are frustrated by the all in all market situation and are definitely need to cheer up a bit. That is why we offer this projects 50% off on all our products.

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