How It Works

What is BestRate

BestRate is an aggregator of crypto exchanges and crypto gateway.

Technically, we work with more than 130 exchanges. User can integrate personal or business crypto exchange accounts to trade across multiple exchanges, see aggregated portfolio or transform crypto exchange account into a crypto gateway. If it’s needed to exchange a large amount of crypto currency we provide you with trading bots and smart order routing algorithms to do this at the best rate.

Integrate your crypto exchanges in one interface.

Sing Up and find “Connected Exchanges” tab menu in your account. Integration is an easy and secure process. If you need an instruction, please find it here. You’re able to trade across all your exchanges in one interface and use our trading bots, for example, to exchange large amounts of crypto to crypto with the best rate.

Transform your crypto exchange into a crypto gateway

Create your hosted page to accept funds from your friends and family, or payment for products and services. eCommerce clients can also use our plugins to make an easy integration to existing website or service.
Connect your crypto exchange account to BestRate, so we perform the operations in your account with the full transparency and control. You can also exchange all incoming payments to stable coins on the fly to fight volatility of the market.


We give 1 day to all newly registered users to test the functionality. You can also use Free account at all times. If you need the extended functionality, we will ask you to sign up for one of the plans in “Subscriptions” menu. After you enter the card information, you’ll get 30 days of trial without any charges, that you can cancel in “Subscriptions” at any time, by clicking on the plan you’ve signed up for.
Please note, that BestRate don’t take any other commissions from you, you pay only third-party exchanges and service minimal fees, which are connected to BestRate. BestRate doesn’t take anything on top.

Send your funds

to the wallet address of the platform provided by our service within the allotted time that you see on the right. Your coins go directly from your wallet to the exchange platform.

Supported coins

We support around 120 blockchains and tokens for crypto gateway.
Once you integrate the crypto exchange account, you’ll be able to trade across all traded pairs of integrated exchange or exchanges.


We do not hold your funds. You use your own wallet or crypto exchange account as a wallet for your operations. You get all the funds instantly. Once you need to perform a withdrawal in crypto or to your bank account, please use your crypto exchange to perform this operation. If you prefer to make a bank transfer to you via BestRate bank, please contact us.


We partnered with Simplex to perform FIAT->crypto transactions. You are able to buy crypto via bank card with one of the lowest fees on the market via BestRate, as we don’t add anything on top.


BestRate is designed using the most secure practices. You use your own wallet or crypto exchange account as a wallet for your operations. It’s fully secure, as we only ask your wallet address or API keys without withdrawal permissions. We keep your wallet address or crypto exchange account information and BestRate’s account information in encrypted form on our secure servers separately.

Coins Miner Fees

We are not charging our fees. But the Miner fee is not included, you have to pay by your own.