How It Works

What is BestRate
BestRate is the liquidity provider and the smart order router. It checks the rates across multiple exchanges and provides you with the best one to make a transaction basing on multiple criteria: speed, available liquidity, cost, reliability. Technically, we work with more than 130 exchanges.
If you want to exchange a huge amount of currency we provide you with smart order routing algorithms to do this at the best rate.
Choose coins
Enter the currency and amount you want to exchange, for example, you want to exchange Ethereum (ETH) to EOS (EOS).
BestRate compares the current rates across several dozens of exchanges and finds the best rate.
Check the rates
The service will display how much currency you will get. You will also see the provider fees taken by exchange platforms during the procedure and the miner fee to pay to the network.
Enter your wallet address
Enter the address of the currency that you plan to get.
Send your funds
to the wallet address of the platform provided by our service within the allotted time that you see on the right. Your coins go directly from your wallet to the exchange platform.
Check the status of the transaction
Once the transaction is registered on the blockchain, the page reloads automatically. You will first see the confirmation of the transaction and then the link to check the transaction on the blockchain.
Get amount
Get the amount to your wallet, check the status of the transaction in your account or via email. Your coins go directly from crypto exchange’s wallet to your wallet.

Coins Miner Fees

We are not charging our fees. But the Miner fee is not included, you have to pay by your own.