ICO Email Marketing Guidelines

Although some people may say that email marketing is dead as a means of reaching out to your users with all these social media platforms, blogs and instant messaging systems, it still remains one of the most effective tools that can be used for ICO promotion. In this article, we are going to review some ICO email marketing guidelines and give you practical advice and how to set up your email marketing campaign that will help you boost your token sale.

Why ICO email marketing is still effective

Email marketing has always been an effective way to reach your target audience. How so?

  1. First of all, it is cheap. Once you collect the list of users’ emails, your monthly budget for email marketing will consist only of recurring payments to the email service of your choice.
  2. Second, email marketing allows you to segment your audience and deliver your offer only to those people who are really interested in it. Thus, the chances of converting a subscriber to a prospect and then to the closed deal rise significantly.
  3. Finally, this is one more way to touch base with your audience. For your ICO marketing campaign to be successful, you should have multiple contacts with each of your potential investors through different means of communication. The more different platforms you cover, the more often your potential clients get a reminder about your offer, the higher are the chances that they will get to the payment stage.

Never buy or borrow an email base

You may come across the topics such as this one on different forums. The answer to such questions is always the same.

ICO email marketing hacks

Questions about where to buy an email base regularly arise on different forums

If you don’t have your own email base and want to borrow one from a partner or buy in the open market, think twice before you do this. Indeed, this is not a very good idea.

If you start sending emails to people who never subscribed to your newsletter there’s a good chance for your domain name to get blacklisted by all email services. And this won’t do any good to your project’s reputation.

Also, you may never know the quality of the email base you purchase. There are many fraudulent email base owners who make money on selling fake or dead email addresses.

Grow your own email base

1. Set up a subscription form on your website

This is the first thing you should ever do. Even if your product is not launched yet, it’s good to start gathering emails of those people who are interested to invest in your project.

Thus, when you finally release the product or start your token sale, all you will need to do is just to notify them all about this huge date instead of running around and searching for potential investors.

2. Mind GDPR

In the European Union, the new law was released in May this year, General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. According to this law, no company can send promo emails to its users unless they consciously agree to receive them.

If you work with the EU investors, remember that it’s no longer allowed to put a pre-selected checkbox in the subscription form. Otherwise you may come across legal issues. In addition to the latest ICO regulation trends, this will not do you any good.

Here’s a detailed guide from SendinBlue.com on how to create a GDPR-compliant subscription form.

GDPR-comliant subscription form

3. Select the email service.

Since Mailchimp, one of the most popular email services worldwide, now bans everything related to ICOs and cryptocurrencies, you should find another email service provider.

Here at BestRate, we use Sendgrid. So far everything is fine, we haven’t been banned, so you can try it, too.

4. Set up an autoresponder and segment your base

Specify any significant action that your users may do on your website, segment your base accordingly and send them automated emails right after the event.

Here are examples of events that can serve as triggers:

  • Confirmation of subscription
  • Creating a personal account
  • Successful or unsuccessful passing of KYC
  • Payment
  • The tokens were sent to the user’s wallet
  • Password recovery

Also, don’t forget to send an email that will introduce your project to every new user. Thus, you will have a chance to remind them about your existence just one more time.

5. Conduct regular email campaigns

Here are some tips on how to conduct really successful email marketing campaigns for ICOs.

An email subject makes up 50% of success

  • If the subject is not catchy, the open rate will be low.
  • Use emojis in the heading to make it more noticeable, ask provocative questions. Don’t display emotions by numerous exclamation marks, rather stir emotions in recipients with the help of spicy words.
  • Also, don’t forget that many people check their mailbox from mobile devices, where only 30-34 symbols fit into a screen. So try to make the subject as short as possible.

Email structure

There’s a good text structure that works at all times. It’s called AIDA: Attention – Interest – Desire – Action.

Catch your readers’ attention in the first paragraph by promising to deliver the solution for their specific issues (how does your project aim to help the society). In the second paragraph increase their interest by giving a short description of how exactly your product works and make them desire to get it for their own. Finally, call them to do some action: sign up, order, buy, etc.

Put the action button right after the 1st paragraph so that mobile users would see it without having to scroll down the page. Also, don’t forget to put the links to your projects social profiles in the email footer to help people find you there.

Follow-up emails

When you get to notify your users about the token sale or any other promo event, set up the segments of users who didn’t open this email or opened the email, but didn’t click on the action button. In a couple of days after the 1st email, send them one more urging them once more to participate in your project.

Ideally, each person should receive 3-4 notification emails.


Hopefully, you’ve found this article useful. Don’t neglect blockchain email marketing, it is still a very effective tool that can help you raise more funds and create really great projects.

What other effective methods of conducting ICO email marketing do you know? Share your thoughts in the comments below!