ICO Explorer: Top 3 ICOs You Should Pay Attention To

Let’s call the current crypto market what it is. It’s frustrating. There is no other way to say it. Just when you think a bull run is right around the corner, the bear market pulls us all back down to Earth. We would all love it if the market just made up its mind already but that’s just not going to happen. So, what do we do? Well, we push forward and admire all the beautiful, innovative altcoin ICOs out there each week. Here are some right now.


Dubbed the “Booking.com, Steemit and Salesforce of Healthcare” ETheal is a blockchain based, incentives global health platform. In short, the ETheal platform works as follows. Users log in, book an appointment on the platform and then receive their care. From there, the user writes a review about their medical service. ETheal stores this data on the blockchain and rewards patients with HEAL tokens for writing trustful reviews. As a result, health care prices will go down, waiting times will be reduced and a global database of trusted care providers is established.

The team behind ETheal is lead by Michael Terpin, founder, and CEO of Transform Group International. This group has helped launch over 65 ICO’s such as Ethereum, Augu, Qtum, WAX Gnosis and more. Rounding out the team is a small, but highly educated group of financial experts, and medical professionals with industry experience.


Claiming to occupy the junction of technology and lifestyle, Plaza Systems is an integration company aiming at blockchain commerce. Using the PlazaDesktop and PlazaMobile applications, users will find a familiar online shopping experience to current models but with a few new features. For

example, Plaza will offer an AI-driven e-commerce metasearch, low transaction fees, anonymous browsing, a personal assistant and a way to earn hands-free mining royalties.

The team behind Plaza Systems one is an impressive one. But the real value lies within Chief Operating Officer Tracey Allan Powell. Mr. Powell is a careerist with over six years at Washington Mutual followed by over nine years at JP Morgan Chase. As a vice president of banking operations and business analysis Powell is well versed in traditional financial markets, sales conversion and mainstream adaptability.


Baanx is on a mission to become the “Amazon of the Blockchain Financial Services.”  In their mind, everyone will have access to efficient and cutting-edge crypto banks that allow for safe, secure and easy use. The Baanx Cryptobank ecosystem will have over 100+ brands to create the worlds first crypto, mobile product marketplace. In layman’s terms, a crypto bank delivers regulated, licensed and secure environment for crypto and fiat services. Users can deposit, save, pay, invest and lend their crypto/fiat with this new network.

The team behind Baanx has over 100 years of bank tech and fintech experience. Working at big names like JP Morgan, RBS, ING, Commerzbank, Union Bank of Switzerland and more, this team sought a new future in the world of banks. A new future they want Baanx to create.