ICO Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Checklist

The blockchain market is growing and the amount of ICOs is increasing rapidly. An initial coin offering (ICO) or initial currency offering, is a method by which startups crowdfund the capital by trading their own coin for the cryptocurrency with the help of ICO marketing strategy.

Many investors are highly interested in this process because the profits are usually much higher than initial investments, but the risks are equivalent. This way, to gain the trust, ICOs have to prove its potency and realness. So if you want your ICO to achieve successful results you or your ICO marketing agency has to take care of it initially.

The BestRate team created the ICO Marketing Checklist that you may follow in order to make a perfect ICO Marketing Strategy.

ICO Marketing Checklist

1) Whitepaper means everything (almost).

Creating this very document is the first leap to the Moon for any ICO. Your whitepaper should provide people with each and every detail of your project. Don’t forget to tell about your planning, the main idea, legal questions, and everything important and impressive. It should be written in good English language, and this is great to have versions in other languages too.
Focus on these moments while crafting your Whitepaper:

  • What is special about your idea in comparison with the others?
  • What benefits and how your company will bring to the world and people?
  • How are you planning to expand everything?
  • What capital do you need?
  • How is the token allowance distributed?
  • Tell about your team too.

Don’t forget: Whitepaper will determine the fortune for your ICO marketing company. So work really hard on it and leave a good impression.

2) Create a good website and promote it.

Your website will be the first and in its way permanent impression for your investors. So dress it for success! Think over its design and architecture. It should contain: all the information about your token; investment return plans; terms and conditions; ‘About Us’ page; ‘Contact Us’ page; Whitepaper; Roadmap; social links.
Once the website is done, promote it socially. You can do it on your own or you can hire digital marketers to work on your ICO marketing company.

3) SEO and PPC for your ICO marketing strategy.

A good slice of your ICO marketing company pie is SEO. This is one of the main ways for your site to get a good organic reach. Blockchain SEO involves both on-page as well as off-page activities. Doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or hire a specialist, just do it.

PPC or Pay Per Click:
Unfortunately, cryptocurrency ads are been banned on Facebook and Twitter. However, Google ads are still live for ICOs. You can sign in for Google Adwords and plan out Google ads for your ICO. Use also advertising on various cryptocurrency and blockchain websites which allows you to put a banner on their website.

4) Social Media and Influencer ICO Marketing tips.

Social Media Marketing is a must for every ICO. Your community will be a perfect marker of your work, will support you in hard times if you’d do everything right. This is a big field of opportunities and chance to get very useful feedback from specialists and like-minded people. Try to make your presence to look credible, nice and interesting. Talk about your ICO and how your idea is unique.

Social Media will provide you many ICO marketing channels. Here are some to start with:

Telegram: Is a really good platform for ICO Marketing and of the major networks for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Quora: Quora is a bright discussion platform filled with very rational people. ICO posts gain lots of traffic.

Reddit: Reddit has many popular crypto channels. Join them and start discussion threads.

LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn is filled with the professional populace and these members are your best audience to expose your ICO.

Influencers: There are dozens Youtubers and bloggers who constantly generate content for crypto lovers. Your ICO will be benefited if some of the good influencers promote it. Just contact the right influencer with the appropriate audience and request a partnership.

5) Email ICO Marketing Strategy.

Yes, it still works well! Get Emails list (for example, ask people to subscribe to you on your website). Once you have it, create a professional and working newsletter and send it to your subscribers. Tell there about our progress, new partnerships, conferences, articles in your blog, special offerings etc.

This is an ultimate and short list of ICO marketing tips. Following this strategy and enriching it with your own ideas will get you the best investors!

6) Payments.

It is very important for the investors to have a possibility to invest “on the spot”, without extra steps. Make sure your payment solution is perfect and check out our ICO Payment Tool which allows accepting investments in 80+ cryptocurrencies and fiat money at the best exchange rates.

Good Luck!