Investing Online have reviewed BestRate and we have something more to add

One of the well-known rating website – Investing Online has written a review of our service.

We do appreciate the work that the authors of this company have completed, and in this article, we will go through the main advantages and questionable points that they have mentioned.

First of all, BestRate is definitely an innovative company. We are not an exchange in the common sense. Our mission is to provide users with different options of exchanging their coins or FIAT to other cryptos. We carefully select exchange providers by different criteria and every time we perform the integration with the best possible agreements about the commissions. Every exchange provider is connected to our service by API with open-source code that can be easily checked in our GitHub repository.

We are going to create an ultimate solution with the most vivid coin base on the market. Due to our simple and easy integration process, we seamlessly connect any of the currency pairs that are active on the exchange provider’s side. Moreover, we can list ICO after its crowdsale is finished and add their tokens to our list.

Investing Online especially points out the fact that BestRate does not charge any additional commissions for the transactions. We believe that the information about the rates should be free to use for anyone. We charge additional fees for the products for business that are based on our technology, but we don’t charge ordinary users.

One of our core advantages is total anonymous transactions in crypto. You do not need to pass any KYC procedures if you just need to exchange some ETH to BTC or any other coins. We only ask you to provide an e-mail so we could send you the information about your transaction and contact you in case of any issues. This makes BestRate the perfect tool for those who would like to stay incognito.

Now let me elucidate and provide additional information about some points that were marked by the reviewers as disadvantages of the service.

BestRate is a new exchange service. It is true, we are going to celebrate our first birthday in October 2018. The service was launched a year ago and has grown significantly from the platform that no one knows to a great financial technology provider. Our tools have been used in dozens of projects all around the world and the revenue is remarkable multiplying.

Investing Online has also mentioned our limited support options. We provide our clients with full support via e-mail and in person, using Telegram, Skype or other well-known communication services. Every business customer can be sure that with any of our package he also buys the 24/7 personal support. Users of the exchange can also share any ideas and questions on our Facebook page.

One of the most frequent questions about our service is our legal status. We are officially registered at 68 Willow Rd, Menlo Park, California 94025, the U.S. We have already started the process of regulation in EU, US, South Korea. Although the total process is quite complicated with news coming every day, most of the market still needs just the reliable solutions which work here and now.

We are glad that the platforms like Investing Online have noticed us and added as an exchange. We are open to collaboration with any other news platforms and aggregators and will be happy to provide these organizations with any information they might need.

If you have any questions about our platform and services, contact us on any convenient social media: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram.