How to List Your Token on Exchange on the Bearish Market

The key factor of a successful ICO is listing your token on a huge exchange platform once the fundraising is complete. But why is that? What options does listing a token provide you with and what advantages you may gain? Let’s find out.

Why list a token

Token listing gives a project 2 main benefits.

  • Mass audience outreach. If you have a really cool product and list your token on a huge platform such as Binance, you come out to a very broad audience in no time and get a chance to instantly gain a very big customer base. However, this scheme doesn’t work for shit-projects with no MVP.
  • Token distribution. The projects with utility tokens need a way to distribute their tokens so that their customers could use their platform at the fullest. So far, listing your tokens on an exchange platform is the most popular way to do this.

Market making during the market downtrend

Apart from assisting in growth and development, token listing allows a project in the so-called market making. In 2017, while the market was growing and many ICOs successfully listed their tokens on multiple platforms, this is how the scheme of market making worked:

  1. Make announcements about your crypto project on the huge mass media creating hype around your ICO and gaining a huge army of followers.
  2. Pay an astronomic sum of money to a popular exchange platform for listing your token.
  3. Once the token is listed, you pump its price, sell it off and count the profits.

Now that the market is at the downtrend, such a pattern doesn’t work anymore. Since 80% of ICOs conducted in 2018 turned out to be a scam, people are not so eager to blindly invest in any project hoping for easy profits. The market making can now only be achieved by super-top projects and ICO investors try to get rid of tokens right after the listing. The chances of your token going “to the moon” are very low and the money you spend on the listing (Binance charges up to $5 mln, according to rumors, a deposit of $100,000 is needed to list tokens on Bancor) will hardly ever pay off.

Still, you need to distribute your tokens somehow. The solution is to gather your audience bit by bit on small exchanges with low to no fees for listing.

List your tokens on BestRate

BestRate offers crypto projects to list your tokens on our platform and give your users a convenient way of buying and selling goods and services right within your project. We are no Binance, but there are some advantages that help us stand out of other small and mid-sized exchange platforms.

  • Live community. On the average, we have 50 thousand visitors per month according to the Similarweb statistics. We have never used any black methods of increasing the traffic and the visitors of our website are real people.
  • Add your token to our payment tool. We have developed a payment tool that is already used by several dozens of different projects. Once listed on our platform, your token will be added to all the tools installed on our clients’ websites and their users will be able to buy their products for your tokens.
  • Integration with other exchange platforms. If you have already listed your token on other platforms, we can integrate with them to buy and sell your tokens at the market price. Alternatively, we can distribute your tokens at a fixed price.
  • Ethereum and EOS support. We are fully compatible with two most popular blockchains. Custom development is available for the projects that are based on other blockchain solutions.

Moreover, we charge a very modest price and don’t require tons of documents from our clients. Listing on BestRate is fast, smooth and easy.

Still hesitating whether to list your token on our website or not? Send us a request and dispel all the doubts you have!