How to Make Money Being an Affiliate of BestRate

When you create a service that is meant to help people, you always think about the way you can do even more for your fans and partners. That is why many companies nowadays create affiliate programs and partnership agreements. If the product you make is worth spreading and the market loves it, there is no fraud in creating a network of your whistleblowers. Here at BestRate we have started to work on the Affiliate Program since the launch and are continuously implementing new features.

What is an affiliate program

BestRate Affiliate program is a simple way to earn some additional money for promoting links. The rules of our affiliate network are simple. You get 30% of our incomes from the Payment Tool sales. This reward includes 30% of the installation fee and also 30% of all the fees our clients pay for using our tool.

Our partners have no limitations on how they spread the links. You can use it with our banner on the website or simply share it in the video description on YouTube or in the post on Facebook.

If you are directly in touch with a person who would like to implement our solutions you can share this contact information with us and this lead will also count as your affiliate.

How it works

Becoming BestRate Partner is easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign up on our website.
  2. Go to your affiliate account section in the profile.
  3. Copy your affiliate link and share it wherever you like.
  4. Check your affiliate installs and calculated reward in the cabinet on our website.
  5. Profit!

You will see all the registration and installations from your affiliate link right on your account.


Want to make a withdrawal? No problem! Just drop us a line to [email protected] using your registered e-mail and specify your ETH wallet address.

Our cryptocurrency affiliate program is easy to use and fully transparent. Currently, we are working on the new feature that will let you see the affiliate registered e-mails and additional information and hope to implement it soon.

What Works with Crypto Affiliate Marketing?

With all the difficulties that appear on the cryptocurrency marketing today, using affiliate programs seems to be a great alternative to the common ways of advertising. Facebook and Google ban cryptocurrency related ads, many other companies follow their lead.

What else can be used on the modern cryptocurrency market to advertise your crypto-related project? There are two main options. One is to use native advertising, writing articles for popular news websites and hoping to attract new users and investors through them. The other way is to create the product so warmly received by the market that your users become your ambassadors and bring you, new clients. We believe that this is the way that cryptocurrency projects should evolve.

How to make money being an affiliate?

That is one of the most popular questions. We are not only creating a great tool, but the BestRate team can also provide you with useful materials to promote our solutions.

Take our most successful affiliate partners ICO Alert, for example. This is one of the most popular listing websites. They have simply added our banner with their affiliate link to one of their pages and it turned into dozens of registrations and several sales. The company has earned their fair reward.

The other possible way of collaboration is presented by ICOBazaar which is also a listing website for ICOs and other cryptocurrency based projects. These guys have launched several email marketing campaigns basing on our content and attaching special presentations to the letters.

Some of our partners, such as MyWish, share the contacts of potential clients with us directly. They also count and their reward is calculated.

Why become a BestRate Affiliate?

If you are looking for an affiliate program that pays you are in the right place. We have already sent more than 20 ETH to our partners as an affiliate reward. This is one of the easiest ways of getting paid for posting links.

We are open for any suggestions and always ready to help our partners with materials for promo campaigns.

If you would like to learn more about our Affiliate Program or discuss the details, feel free to contact our Partnership Manager Vlad via [email protected].