Meet the Team: Alexander Rozov

As we continue to stress time and time again, BestRate is more than just a platform. It’s a vibrant community of crypto enthusiasts all working together to get the best possible outcome in this industry. To help this community grow even stronger, we’d like to introduce our team to you. That way, you can get to know us a little bit more on a personal level. So let us meet our advertising specialist Alexander Rozov.



As society is increasingly globalized, BestRate strives itself on having an international team with diverse backgrounds. Alexander Rozov fits this model perfectly. Rozov obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration in Australia at the University of Southern Queensland. Upon graduating, he returned home to his native Russia where he then attended the Far East Federal University. In 2013, Rozov graduated with a degree in World Economy. With a global education now complete, he sought out to grow his skills in the real world.



At BestRate, Rozov is in charge of PPC campaigns and web-analytics but it was a long and diverse road to get to this point. After graduating from the Far East Federal Universtiy in 2013, Rozov started his career as a systems, applications, and products (SAP) analyst. Essentially, this role ensures a given company is operating at its most efficient level. After that, he moved on to the booming oil industry where he continued to develop his analytical and economist expertise.


While Rozov found success early on in his career, he started to explore the world of digital marketing and web analytics. After discovering this new passion, he began working on various projects in the e-commerce, construction, autodialer, and blockchain industries. Suffice to say, this unique, and diverse background helped make BestRate the innovative platform you see today. It’s not all about work though.



We here at BestRate are serious about our work but we don’t let that define our characters completely. That’s why we love to share a little background about our personal lives with you. Alexander, for example, has a number of interesting hobbies that include reading at least two books a month, listening to music every day, traveling around the world, taking intellectual quizzes and staying up to date on the latest financial market news. To round that all out, he was even a professional alpine skier in the past. But the excitement doesn’t stop there.

Alexander has a few interesting facts that really add to his character. Bears for example. While most never encounter one bear throughout their entire lives, Alexander has run into bears on six different occasions. Thankfully, they’ve all been harmless interactions because, without Alexander, BestRate would be severely lacking in quality!


Thanks for reading this edition of “Meet the Team.” Stay tuned for more BestRate news like this in the future!