Meet the Team: Victor Glembitskiy

As a team, BestRate is an extremely interesting object of investigation. We have a variety of specialists and extraordinary persons among us. Today, we’re going to focus on just one of these individuals for your entertainment, and education. So let us introduce Victor, our Software Product Manager and overall great guy.


Victor received his Bachelor of International Journalistics at St. Petersburg University but eventually had a change of heart. Victory had a passion for technology so eventually migrated to the IT sphere to create IT content. Now, his new life as an IT professional had just begun.  


In 2004, Victor and his partner opened one of the first of the web design studios for corporate websites. The absence of competitive organizations made the company’s development very fast and immediately successful. All the key leaders in each segment, such as medical, government companies, logistics, and real estate, enjoyed working with them.

In four years the whole market evolved and with it, Victor’s company. But then, the financial crisis of 2008 came and as a result, split the company. Victor’s partner began his own project in the medical segment, while Victor opened his own software developing company.

2017 was the year of Victor’s juxtaposition with the fast-growing and extremely interesting world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. Victor had transferred the control of his software development company to his partners and headed right to the biggest crypto start-up hub, which included more than 10 worldwide crypto projects. There, he got a great introduction to new startups while supporting and developing them. In a matter of months, Victor has successfully managed an ICO-aggregator project and ruled his “dream team”, who have made a 400% profit from the capital expenditure. This company gave Victor the basic understanding of the Blockchain industry and the key players in it. But Victor’s life was about to change even more. At the beginning of 2018, Victor and Pavel crossed paths which changed their direction to the freedom of the Fintech start-up. By this moment BestRate has already shown its first MVP and from 1, March he and part of his previous team showed their best at BestRate.


As for the hobbies Victor has many. For one, he highly enjoys photography and a variety of sports. He tries not to stick to one as he generally enjoys diversity in his life. However, he does prefer swimming at this point in this life. In terms of music, Victor draws from electronic music as a source of inspiration.

At BestRate, Victor is a Software Product Manager, which means that his work is a kind of a hub of very different tasks. He exists at the junction of the Development, Marketing, and UX of the product. This diversity is driven by the Start-Up format of the project, but Victor does it perfectly well and we wish him further success and inspiration!