MyWish and BestRate Come up with the Partnership Agreement

Teams of our two projects have been working closely since the very beginning. During the MyWish ICO campaign, marketing specialists from BestRate have made a great contribution in reaching the hard-cap. From that time, we continue to work closely in terms of digital marketing campaigns for more than a year now.

Our technical teams were in contact and helped each other in developing better blockchain solutions for both smart-contract development and payment solutions. MyWish was one of the first clients for BestRate’s Token Distribution product.

Today we announce that we are signing up the strategic partnership alliance. Vladimir Tikhomirov, CEO of MyWish is going to be a partner at BestRate. With Ph.D. in Computer Science, vast experience in smart-contract and blockchain development and as head of MyWish, he will bring a significant boost to our team. Moreover, Vladimir has founded the outsource development company worked with many industry leaders worldwide, this could be an external resource and additional help.

We believe that this alliance will guarantee mutually beneficial cooperation and even better technological superiority for both projects.