NXT to Bitcoin

The key difference between NEXT and Bitcoin

If you’ve decided to change NTX to BTC you should be aware of the technologies that underlie these cryptocurrencies as such knowledge can be very important to make profits in the long run.

Launched in 2010, Bitcoin is the pioneer of the cryptocurrency world as it is the first digital asset and all other cryptocurrencies that were launched afterward are based on its technology. Bitcoin allows to make instant transactions between two parties without any mediator such as banks involved to govern the transaction. Unlike NXT and many other crypto-projects, Bitcoin is only the means of payment and nothing else, so keep it in mind if you want to perform NXT to BTC exchange. NXT gives its users not only the means of payment, but also a flexible platform allowing to build applications and financial services. It offers more features and in the long run which may be the reason for you to change Bitcoin to NXT.

Mining algorithms

What is Bitcoin mining algorithm?

If you want to convert NXT to Bitcoin you should also learn the way these cryptocurrencies are created. Mining algorithm that underlies Bitcoin creation is called the proof-of-work and implies getting a reward for the work that a machine does while resolving computational problems. In order to perform this work, machines consume electricity and as the difficulty of finding a new block has radically increased over the last couple of years it has become unprofitable to mine bitcoins on the end-user hardware.

What is NEXT mining algorithm?

NXT was one of the first alternative cryptocurrencies launched after Bitcoin creation. Unlike Bitcoin, it is based on another consensus called the proof-of-stake. You don’t have to consume any electricity and perform any work on your PC to get a reward. All you have to do is to prove the ownership of the special amount of coins and get a reward according to your stake. Converting BTC to NXT can be useful for end-users that don’t have any special mining equipment.

NEXT supply

The circulating supply of NEXT equals to , while its maximum supply equals to .

For Bitcoin, the circulating supply equals to 18,175,587, while its maximum supply equals to 21,000,000.

Market Capitalization

If you want to convert BTC to NXT, the market capitalization is a very important index that you should pay attention to.

For NEXT, the current market capitalization equals to . Bitcoin’s capitalization equals to $157,418,709,699.00.

Volume of transactions

During the last 24 hours, NEXT’s volume of transaction equals to . For Bitcoin, this index equals to $24,400,479,932.81.

Average transaction speed