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The blockchain conference in Thailand is a great possibility to get to know the crypto world. Be sure to attend the cryptocurrency event in Bangkok to become more aware of how things work!
Crypto Expo in Bangkok—the Conference to Make the Bitcoin World Clear, Predictable, and Profitable
Creating the future of business with blockchain technology!

It is true that virtually any industry is somehow affected by blockchain. Yet, the crypto world is relatively young, and the blockchain conference in Thailand will give you a clear insight of which use case (or cases) is most likely to take crypto to a new level. It will cover a number of issues which are of great importance for not only customers and markets but for developers as well.
First and foremost, the crypto conference will reveal valuable information on how and to what degree cryptocurrency will catch up with (and probably surpass) solutions of conventional investment markets. The speakers will also discuss the situation with blockchain in China: what happens there in terms of regulation and investments. Besides, they’ll cover the question of how well accelerators, incubators and VCs fit in the crypto world. The panel will tell what good advice is and how one can find the proper advisors. Additionally, such issues as funding blockchain innovation, the history and future of TLDR, cryptocurrency exchanges, the main blockchain ventures, and others will be discussed during the bitcoin conference.


Among the speakers are:
· Chief Executive Officer of IOHK Charles Hoskinson from Colorado, who is an expert on educating customers about cryptocurrency and making predictions in regard to the cryptofuture;
· Chief Financial Officer of Binance Wei Zhou from USA, a man with a great deal of experience at internet and media companies and leading technology;
· The managing partner of NFX Gigi Levy Weiss from Israel, an investor and founder of various technology start-ups.
Apart from them, the Crypto Expo in Bangkok will be attended by more than thirty other speakers (not to mention those being expected) whose opinions are also quite significant.


The cryptocurrency event in Bangkok will take place on November 26-27, 2018. The registration is at 8:00 – 10:00 AM and at 09:30 – 10:00 AM respectively. At 12:15 and 12:30 there will be an hour for lunch, with a tea break taking place at 03:15 and 02:45 (30 minutes). The event ends at 05:30 PM on day 1 and at 05:00 PM on the second. There will also be a 3-hour networking party on both days of the crypto event.