Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong
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Blockchain Conference in Hong Kong

The Best Way to Learn How to Succeed in the Intricate World of Cryptocurrency.
The blockchain conference in Hong Kong will make you versed and well-grounded in any blockchain ventures. Attend this cryptocurrency event in Hong Kong to be aware of how to retain persistent profits!

It is no secret that there is hardly any industry which has not been affected by blockchain. And it goes without saying that any person who is somehow involved in the crypto space is eager to know about it as much as possible since it is probably the only way to succeed in this domain.
But how can you keep properly informed? How can you know all the essential features and secrets of the world of bitcoin? The blockchain conference in Hong Kong will make you aware of all the peculiarities necessary for your business to prosper!

The bitcoin conference under consideration will feature over 100 speakers and 100 journalists, more than 50 countries will be involved, with 2,000 participants to attend it.
It will disclose the characteristics of the growing-up crypto ecosystem, shedding light upon its global developments and taking a perspective on the opportunities of the token industry. Among the speakers engaged in the crypto event will be immensely influential leaders who are certain to share their stories and valuable knowledge, giving you a clear insight into the crypto ecosystem. Don’t waste the exclusive opportunity to hear experts and pioneers in the bitcoin space to become clued-up in this field as good as can be!
Token 2049 is a part of Asia Crypto Week.


At this crypto conference you will hear the following speakers:
Chief Executive Officer of Civic Vinny Lingham, a prominent technology entrepreneur and one of the most influential FinTech/Blockchain/Crypto Sphere insiders on the planet.
Chris Burniske, a partner at Placeholder and co-author of “Cryptoassets”. The commentary of his has been featured on national media outlets.
President of Lisk Max Kordek, who has been engaged in the Blockchain world for more than 5 years.


The cryptocurrency event in Hong Kong will take place on March 13-14, 2019. The registration and breakfast is at 7:30 – 9:00 AM. The lunch breaks are scheduled for 12:20 AM (70 minutes). There will also be networking drinks at 6:00 – 10:00 PM on the first day.