Blockchain Summit in India
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Blockchain Summit in India

Blockchain Summit in India gives you a chance to get to know the blockchain ventures and all that is concerned with cryptocurrency and bitcoin. Be sure to attend this crypto conference to improve yourself.

Fortune Asia 2018 – the blockchain conference in Mumbai – will give you a clear insight into the current state of affairs as far as the crypto space is concerned. The given bitcoin conference will explore the opportunities and discuss use-cases in various industry verticals.
Currently, we are living in the “Asian Century”: it has a diversified financial sector that undergoes fast expansion. The financial services rapidly grow, new entities enter the market. This sub-continent is open to startups and innovations; the application of the blockchain into governmental operations and manifold industries is explored quite widely. The blockchain industry in the country is expected to be bridged to the global market. That’s the main issue the Blockchain Summit in India will deal with.

Speakers will raise such questions as the state of blockchain and cryptocurrency in India, the future of financial infrastructure, the government’s position on cryptocurrencies, the use of blockchain for brand protection and consumer engagement, risks of trading cryptocurrencies in India.


At this crypto event, you will meet a number of prominent speakers experienced enough to provide you with all the valuable information you would like to know.

Among them are:

  • Kumar Gaorav, an eminent international speaker and an Indian entrepreneur. Kumar is of the most influential people of the world. Currently he is the Chief Executive Officer of Cashaa as well as the Chairman of Auxesis Group.
  • Sean H. Worthington, the founder of CloudCoin, the inventor and lead scientist of RAIDA.
    Girish Bajaj, the CEO to GB Wealth, an editor of FVM Global Magazine.


This cryptocurrency event in India will take place on December 5, 2018. The registration is at 8.00 am, at 2.15 pm there will be a lunch, and at 7.00 pm Global CIO Award Ceremony with cocktails and dinner to follow it. The venue is the St. Regis Mumbai.