Blockchain Summit in the USA
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Blockchain Summit in the USA

Literally a few years ago the technology of blockchain was not perceived as something serious and was considered, mostly, as useless. However, there came bitcoin, which showed all the value of this nanotechnology. Soon blockchain conference in New York will be held again and this event means the increasing coverage, the increasing distribution.

The 3rd Annual Blockchain Opportunity Summit 2018 will be devoted to case studies and directed to a problem of blockchain safety, and also decentralized transactions. The main subjects will be threats of cyber security and rewards of blockchain, future management of identity, construction of the interconnected ecosystems and many other things. In most cases, similar crypto conferences are intended for developers; however, the uniqueness of the Blockchain Summit in the USA consists in presence of a huge number of persons holding the top positions in various companies, a great number of innovators, and also industrial destroyers. This enterprise is irreplaceable to make your brand more visible in the market, so young businessmen can find many opportunities and useful communications here.


Among the speakers will be:

  • Mike Edelhart;
  • Kelcey Gosserand;
  • Rohan Handa;

Each of them often takes part in bitcoin conferences. Rohan Handa is a Manager in new digital business BBVA. His current areas of interest are primarily within digital and blockchain based technology. Mike Edelhart is a pioneering media and startup executive. Mike has authored more than 20 books.


If you are registered by June 9, then the price is 395 dollars, by October 12 – 495 dollars, by November 9 – 595 dollars, and after November 9 – 795 dollars. Payment for master classes will be 195 dollars. They will be held on the first day, after them will be reports and discussions. The second day will begin earlier and all will be devoted to reports.

The venue of the crypto event is Morrison & Foerster LLP.