Payout page
EthereumV2Erc20 Crowsale

Use your personal wallet (you are keeping your private key)

Using the wallet of the exchange platform led to losing ETH20

Note: Set Gas limit => 200000

Track Gas prices here:

Price increase to 1000000%

The price of ETH20 increased by 1% for every 1 ETH deposited to mine ETH20.

ETH20 is secured by 98% ETH used to mine ETH20.

You can transfer ETH20 into the smart contract of the decentralized exchange EtherMium, sell ETH20 there and withdraw your ETH to your personal wallet.
Note: I have set a smart contract that automatically calculates the purchase price of ETH20 by 5% of the current price and you can sell ETH20 immediately, during and hours, no more than 7 days.