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Future Blockchain Summit 2019

2-3 April 2019, Dubai
This event is the second meeting of the blockchain specialists and crypto evangelists. This is the biggest event in the world with more than 15000 attendees last year.
The upcoming spring they are going to exceed these numbers.
Take a look at the guests and speakers that are going to share their ideas with you this year:
Abdel Mageed Yahia, Director, World Food Programme
Antonis Polemitis, CEO, University of Nicosia
Dr Tiffany Gray, Co-chair & Advisor , UN Sustainable Development Committee
H.E. Dr. Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, Director General, Smart Dubai Office
Ian Khan, Technology Futurist, Author and Filmmaker
and many others are going to attend the Future Blockchain Summit this year. Book your ticket now on