The World’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition
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The World’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition

One of the largest Blockchain conferences and exhibitions will be held in California this November and will focus on the future of enterprise technology. For two days, representatives of leading brands will share the useful content regarding blockchain technologies.
The crypto event will take place in the heart of Silicon Valley on November 28–29. It will also be the IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo, which gives you an splendid chance to attend to both conferences and explore the convergence of these technologies.
At the agenda of the blockchain conference in California, there will be interactive panel discussions, a series of expert keynotes and solution-based case studies. The speakers will talk about the industries that will be most disrupted by the new technology including retail, legal sector, healthcare, financial area, music, real estate and more. The crypto conference will be interesting for enterprises as well as to blockchain developers, as it will include Developing Blockchain Applications, Blockchain for Enterprise, Cryptocurrency and Financial Service, Blockchain for Business.
The tickets are available for both days as well as for each day separately. With an additional fee, there goes expo plus pass, and conference materials. The discounts are available for early bird applicants.


This United States blockchain conference promises to be very fruitful with more than 100 speakers discussing the hot topics. The most prominent of them all will be famous Nick Szabo, the inventor of smart contracts and Bit Gold.
Also, there will be Sherry Li, Digital Product Leader at General Electric, Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President Food & Sustainability at Lloyd's Register, David Stevens, the Vice President of Munich Re Canada and many others. It’s a great opportunity to meet representatives of such real-world companies, as the Boeing Company, Bank of America, DHL and FedEx. Thre will even be the Sr. Product Manager from the Walt Disney Company, Michael Lira. From the successful crypto projects, there will also be representatives of Ripple, Bitcoin Market Journal, Blockchain News and Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. All-in-all, it’s going to be a great conference and one of the most memorable cryptocurrency events in CA, USA.


The speakers of this bitcoin conference will cover the following topics:
The Blockchain for Enterprise block will cover such industries as Supply Chain Energy, Entertainment, Retail, Healthcare and transport. The blockchain platforms and strategies for smart contracts, governance & regulation, automotive and energy will be reviewed. Developers will find it interesting to hear about innovative startups and disruptive solutions.