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  • Get the link to your payment page and share it
  • Receive BTC, ETH, over 80 crypto coins and even USD
  • Money is automatically converted to ETH or TUSD and sent to one wallet
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One wallet for all cryptos
No need to create different wallets to accept payments. Convert all cryptos to ETH or TUSD at the best rate.
2 settlement currencies
Whichever coin you are paid with, you will receive Ether or TUSD (stable coin which is always equal to $1 regardless of the market upsides or downtrends).
Personal payout link
Simply share a short link that is easy to remember with your counterparty. No more problems with memorizing and sharing a complicated crypto-wallet address.
Create your products
Set up your products' details (such as name, price and description) and start accepting paymetns in FIAT and cryptos.
Code for your website
Get and paste the code onto your website to facilitate the payment process even more and increase the conversion.
Customizeable payout page
Personalize your payout page by setting up your profile image, customizing the colors, specifying your signature and many other things.
1% transaction fee
$1,000 monthly transaction volume
No products
15$ / month
1% transaction fee
$5,000 monthly transaction volume
10 products
50$ / month
1% transaction fee
$100,000 monthly transaction volume
300 products

The fastest way to start accepting crypto for your products

For business owners, we give an easy and convenient tool to accept crypto payments for your products.

Simply specify your product’s name, description and price in Ether or crypto-USD to start accepting payments in FIAT and cryptos.

Designed for bloggers

Simply generate your personal payout link and insert it into the description of the video on your YouTube channel, in a pinned post on Telegram, into your bio on Medium or on Twitter, under your photos on Instagram, into the email on Mailchimp and facilitate the donation process for your followers.

Now they can help you grow your channel by sending donations in FIAT and 80+ cryptos to your personal wallet.

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