Most Promising Altcoins of the Week: Lisk (LSK)

It has been a hard week for the cryptocurrency market but not all altcoins are experiencing the same woes as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Lisk (LSK) is one such altcoin that’s not only having a great week but a great month as well. For those that don’t know, let’s take a detailed look into this promising crypto and why it’s a worthy investment for you.


Lisk founders Max Kordex and Oliver Beddows were at the forefront of a unique observation in the blockchain industry. Despite the increasing amount of developers interested in the technology, it’s still hard to get hem caught up in building blockchains and making sense of all the granular code underneath the hood. Hence, Kordek and Beddows saw a new opportunity to create their vision. Eventually, this vision manifested itself into Lisk, a decentralized app (DAPP) and sidechain development platform.


There are several good reasons to invest in Lisk but one of the most important has to do with their credibility. It’s not just blockchain enthusiasts that find this altcoin as a worthwhile investment. Big brand names like Abra and Microsoft both caught on early to form partnerships with Lisk. In 2016, Microsoft teamed up with Kordex and Beddows to assist with their Microsoft Blockchain-as-a-service project. This resulted in the well-received Azure Blockchain. Investors soon caught on to the news which led to LSK rising dramatically in price. It has since fallen back to more “normal” numbers but it’s steady climb upwards is a good sign for the future.


It’s no coincidence that BestRate includes Lisk on its list of many altcoins. Besides, it’s credibility, a major tactical advantage of LSK is its stability. Even in the face of volatile market trends, TSK holds remarkably steady. This very same stability is what attracts long-term investors in recent months. These investors want a coin with a stable rate of increases and drops. That way, they won’t lose too much while also having a chance of gaining a nice profit in the years to come. At the moment, LSK is ranked as the 24th best cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. However, this is sure to change throughout the second half of 2018. Keep an eye on it.