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Welcome to BestRate.org. BestRate is Exchanges Aggregator which allows you to exchange BTC, LTC, BCN, XMR, XDN, QCN, FCN, MCN, AEON, DSH, INF8, and others using with the best exchange rate. Terms “We”, “Exchange”, “Exchange operator” refer to BestRate.org.

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BestRate.org is not responsible for any loss caused by any reason while working with the Exchange. Any kind of losses caused by the third party activities has to be handled by the user.

BestRate makes the exchange process secure and easy. While there is a minimal commission that is charged by the exchanges, BestRate itself does not charge the users any fees.

Transactions cannot be canceled by BestRate.org. Therefore, check your payment details before making the transaction. BestRate is not responsible for your coins once they have been sent to the wallet.

BestRate.org doesn’t guarantee the uptime of the exchange. Maintenance and downtime may be required at times.

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