TokenSale Gateway

BestRate releases Crypto Gateway v3.  It has a new architecture and new features. Most importantly, it has a new crypto transaction engine, completely rewritten from scratch. That allows our clients to collect client’s crypto payment more efficiently, faster, and safer. We also redesigned the product settings to make it easier to understand. It takes 5-10 min to set up the widget that can be inserted into a webpage or app. 

Crypto Gateway, in other words, can be called TokenSale Gateway or TokenSale Widget, and we renamed it. We kindly ask all clients to upgrade to the newest version until 5th of May, BestRate support team will help with any questions: [email protected]


How can this product help? 

TokenSale Gateway was designed to automate crypto payments collection and distribution of the tokens. Whether you are building a new blockchain project or adding blockchain to an existing business – BestRate Tokensale Gateway’s main task is to help you to focus on your project, while you can use our product to orchestrate all blockchain transactions. For example, you have a game where users earn or buy points or tokens, which they can later use to buy staff inside of the game. If you would like to use blockchain to give additional security and transparency to your users, you can use our product to collect bitcoin, ethereum, and 120+ coins as payment and distribute tokens automatically. If you are looking to sell your goods or services for cryptocurrency, we recommend using our eCommerce plan, including Crypto Payment Gateway API, wooCommerce, and Magento plugins, or Business Payout – simple hosted pages to automate cryptocurrency processing. 

TokenSale Gateway Settings

First of all, Sign up to BestRate. You’ll be given 24 hours to check the products. After this time, we ask you to activate your subscription for Crypto Gateway with 30 days of a free trial period for testing purposes. 

Login to your account and find Tokensale Gateway.

After this, you’re able to create a new Crypto Gateway instance or use one of the already existing ones:

When you create a new Crypto Gateway, you’ll see the screen like this:

It contains the unique widget ID – if you need our help. Also, you can see a live widget demonstration, with all the settings. You can click on “Mobile view” to check how it looks for a mobile device or “change colors” to adjust it for your color scheme. 

Below there are 3 main configuration tabs:

  • General settings
  • Configuration 
  • Rates. 

Let’s go one by one and check all the settings for each tab. 

NB! Please do not forget to click “Submit” after you make changes to the configuration settings!


General settings

If you click “Enable widget”, it will appear as live in BestRate system, and in the list of your currently created Crypto Gateways, it will have a green dot. Otherwise, it will have a red dot next to it:

Widget name – is a unique name of your widget, for example, “Best” or any other project or token name, like Test / Production, etc. 


Token ticker – this is the name of your token, how you’ll like it to be. 


Receiver ticker / Blockchain type – please choose what kind of cryptocurrency you would like to get. 

Select the tokens sending method – could be called the integration type you would like to use. Generated address, means that you have a unique ETH address for every user inside your project or platform. 

Static address – means that you would like to collect cryptocurrency payments at your crypto wallet, and send the tokens to your user manually after that

Smart Contract – if you have a smart contract, this method can automate all the processes. You’ll get ETH directly at smart-contract and your users will get your tokens directly from your smart-contract 

Token Distribution from Holder – one for the most preferred and recommended ways. You need to fill your token contract address and your ETH wallet. You’ll get the Token Holder Address, where you need to send some tokens that you want to distribute. All the payments will be collected at your personal ETH wallet automatically. 


Domain name – by default, we provide our clients with 2 domains for whitelisting, in our understanding, one is used for test environment and another for production. Please type here something like “” and “”. 



Default amount  – default amount of currency that you want to collect from your user. Please note that users can change it in the widget, it’s just the default sum that will appear. 

Default deposit currency  – please choose the cryptocurrency that you want to collect as a crypto payment by default. In the example above, it’s BTC.


Exchange only selected tickers –  if selected, you can limit the number of cryptocurrencies you would like to accept as payment. 


Additional fields – here you can choose which additional information you want to collect from the payer, should it be an email address, name, or company. Or any other information that is essential for you or preferred.



Commission – BestRate doesn’t take commissions from our clients. But we use other payment providers or exchange cryptocurrencies using different crypto exchanges. For FIAT to crypto payment processing usually is up to 5%, depending on the liquidity on the market. For cryptocurrency exchange from crypto to crypto, it should be around 0.5%. BestRate needs only gas fees for direct ETH->ETH payment, for example. 

In this setting you need to choose should we add the approximate commission on top for the price to your customer or you would like to pay it by yourself. 

Rate currency – please choose the currency for your prices, dollar, euro, BTC, or ETH – it’s totally your choice. 

Rate for 1 token – please choose how much 1 token costs. 

Exchangeable limitations – please choose min and max values for your customer’s payments if needed.

Bonus program – you can set bonuses for your clients. For example, if they buy above a certain threshold or several thresholds. 

After you set everything up, please do not forget to click Submit. 

Now you can click “Show Code” and you will get the code that you can insert inside of your website or app.